Students at Marist College enjoy recreational activities taught by professionals such as boxing and yoga, which create popularity and growth among the programs.

The programs are run by Julie Byron, Marist, Assistant Director of Internal and Club Sports. Although Byron has only been in Marist for three years, these units existed many years ago.

“Boxing and yoga classes have been popular with students for many years,” he said.

The boxing class was taught by former veteran and professional referee Ron Lipton. Liptton has been a teacher in Marist for 20 years, bringing valuable lessons to the class. A.D. In 2014, Lipton entered the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame 2020 and the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame.

“I bring a lifetime of experience. I was lucky to work with famous champions and I was paid to do a good job with Muhammad Ali. I took a lot from these legends and I will bring the whole package from there,” said Lipton.

The Lipton Box section focuses on balance and time, as well as skill training. He runs the unit as if the participants are real warriors.

“I started two weeks ago. This is the fourth time I’ve been to it and it’s a lot of fun, ”said Ashley Lorgio ’24. “It’s all about fun and getting shaped like a warrior.”

The class had to change plans due to Covid-19, but Lipton still focused on the health and well-being of the participants. Respects school rules and requires masks and social isolation during class.

“We have to wear a mask during this time,” he says, “and this is difficult because it is difficult to breathe.

Yoga classes are popular on campus to help students relieve stress during the semester. The lessons must be taught by qualified and trained teachers of Marist students. Meghan Priest ’22, a yoga teacher at McCormick Hall Dance Studio, has been teaching since the fall semester.

“I try to focus on the philosophy of yoga and the values ​​that teach us how to live our lives, but this part is just exercise,” said the priest.

“Yoga has helped me to become more relaxed and more flexible,” says Casey Volmar ’23.

Because participants do not have to wear masks, Kovid-19 rules are more relaxed in yoga classes. But she had to change the way she taught her class.

The priest said: “I try not to make any adjustments because I don’t want to hurt anyone.

Marist recreation activities encourage students to watch class and stay active, especially during stressful semesters.

“The best place to watch these episodes is using IMLeagues.”