Michael Newman is a muscular chef who has made a name for himself in Fox’s “Master Chef Legends”. Asberri Park, NJ, is a resident and co-founder of Zim. Jersey Style LifestyleWith his wife and partner Basia, and a proud vegan.

Like us Prepare for ThanksgivingThe famous social media personality and “Relationship Expert” explains how to honor the great “Jersey Style”.

Newman also shares something special. Vegan recipe To make the right “vegan potato cabbage aw gratin”. (Try to say it after a few thanks!)

What makes M&F writing a Thanksgiving Day celebration?
Michael Newman: Geristil’s compliments are surrounded by love and positive, like-minded people. These people must share the same visions and aspirations to teach them to love themselves and others… so that they can live a better life!

How do you describe jerseytail to someone who does not know?
One way I can relate to someone who does not know Jersey is that my wife, Basia, and I are both selfish and life-loving. Using a common emotional connection to food makes us more connected and helps people talk about their emotional connection in their personal lives.

It all starts with learning to love yourself for your health, fitness and identity. Once you are able to do that, you can start learning to love others. When you are in good health, you feel good about yourself, eat clean, etc., you create an irresistible sense of self-worth. You can feel it in your mind, body, and soul, and you will not only pass on these forces to others around you, but you will begin to experience these feelings just as positive or negative forces do. It leads to a healthier, healthier lifestyle, And jerseytail really means that to myself and my wife.

Do you cook meat for other guests as a vegan lifestyle?
Yes! no way! I always prepare non-vegan dishes such as ham and turkey, canned yam, coleslaw and other delicious non-vegan dishes. I especially like to bake my favorite pecan cake and my famous canola cake.

Thanksgiving can be a daunting task. Do you prefer small or large groups when preparing meals for guests?
I like to cook for people no matter the size of the group. Family or friends, or just me and my wife. It’s just fun, and I have nothing but pleasure ሰዎችን and my cooking does that!

I personally find cooking for small and intimate groups more enjoyable for me. Giving 100 Plus for a big party has no benefits, for example, it does not boast of service.

My favorite thing to cook for small groups is the quick feedback I receive from guests. Quality control, and more attention to detail. When the guests love what you have done for them, especially if you have never tried it before, I love the feeling I have for creating those positive responses and experiences!

Vegan Loaded Potato Cabbage Au Gratin

The talented chef enjoys vegan sides and desserts for a large Thanksgiving family dinner, and would love to invite vegan guests to his dinner party for a complete vegan experience. He called these small gatherings “friends” and we warmly welcome all who need a warm, loving and positive place. We are on our way with the food below!