TRI-CITIES, WA – How did a former school teacher and mother of five find fitness time? Now a certified fitness coach in the Tri-Cities Made When she hits a rock, she is healthy.

Melissa Pilmor says she was tired and unhappy in her late 20’s. She weighs 210lbs. At 46% of body fat, Fillmore was once considered obese.

“Sometimes you don’t know how to get lost after having children,” Philemon said. “I have never learned how to eat healthy or what to include in a healthy lifestyle.”

When she realized that no one could fix her, Philemon changed her mind. She decided to put her health goals above your barrier.

“You have to look for something very bad. “Get up the next day and go again.”

For Fillmore, her lifestyle changes began small. Initially, she started going to the gym two days a week for cardio. She then hired a trainer to learn to lift weights. Then she focused on nutrition.

Melissa Filmore's fitness change

Melissa Philemon’s lifestyle changes began small, but together they brought about a total change.

Over a nine-month period, these small changes led to a general change. Pilmor lost about 100 pounds[80 kg]which eventually landed her on the national stage.

Weighed in at 120 lbs and less than 10% fat.

Now, she is back home, training her clients in the Tri-Cities.

“Every day, ‘Who can I help?’ I wake up thinking, ”Philemon says. She says that her ability to motivate others is her own. She strives to see her clients, aged 16 and 75, healthy, happy and strong.

When asked how she feels about post-fitness, she says she feels confident and happy with who she is. Philemon likens it to the fact that it now has a purpose. From a schoolteacher to a certified coach, you will not let anyone rain in her line.

Fillmore Fitness, LLC

“I work well with a chip on my shoulder ለኛል I like it when someone says ‘Oh, you can’t do that.’

Melissa Filmore has been nominated by Madeline Motivates for her client Paul Casey. She says she inspires him to build muscle and pushes him to achieve his health and fitness goals.

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