Robin Wilson Cowboy Robin Wilson Coat hit a boxer during a private kickboxing match at her studio in Lynn. (James Cause)

Lynn – Robin Wilson Cotter has spent the last 23 years of her life mentally and physically focusing on physical and mental aspects of health.

A.D. In 1999, when Kotor weighed 250 pounds[250 kg]and suffered from postpartum depression, she looked for ways to lose weight.

At Swampscott East Coast Karate she learned martial arts techniques such as kicking and punching Tae Bo lessons, fell in love with fitness and eventually became a certified trainer.

Cotter has been teaching for over 20 years, and recently taught her own business, Body Rock Fitness by Robin at 323 Broadway, small group and private training classes.

“I love my work because of the relationships I have with my clients, which motivates me,” Couter said.

When Koter first started practicing in East Coast karate, she lost ፓ 100 in six months. She knows she wants to be a teacher for five minutes if she gets into the gym.

She started training with the East Coast Karate with Censie Lu Hopkins and then went to California to train with Tae Bo creator, Billy Bados.

Cotter received her certificate and returned to Swampscott to continue teaching at East Coast Karate until 2006, where she continued to train at Paradise Gym.

It was during this time that Côte d’Ivoire began to develop her own personal workouts and training, eventually creating her own brand and focusing on Robin Body Rock Fitness on cardio kickboxing and boxing.

“Kick boxing and boxing is the easiest thing for me and I like to do it,” Coter said.

It now has a place on Salem 96 Swampscott Street. She shares with her friend and opened her own place in Lynn in September.

“I have had such good relationships with many great people for many years and it is always good to have my own place to do what I want to do,” she said.

What she loves most about her work is her relationship with her clients, which inspires her.

“It’s amazing to see the changes in them and how they trust me,” Cotter said.

“They say they are my motivation, but they do not realize they are my motivation.”

The purpose of the coach It not only helps people to change physically and emotionally but also mentally.

“My clients come to me not only for physical fitness but also for the convenience of talking to me and asking for advice and they know I have spent a lot of time,” Coter said. “Especially after everyone has been incarcerated for over a year, people are experiencing a lot, so they are coming in and I am not training them in person, but we are getting stronger mentally.

A woman who has had her own fitness journey and is struggling with postpartum depression says that Cotter will help her clients realize that anything is possible.

“My motto is ‘Don’t think, just do it,’ because sometimes people think too much and don’t realize they are in their own way.” “Although they are not losing weight, they are losing inches.”

Prior to Covd-19, Cotter said she had a large following in Swampscout, but the plague had left some of these people missing. Her personal training sessions are now being offered by Lynn, bringing in new clients and working with new people.

“People see what I’m doing with other women and they’re losing weight, ‘Where are you going? What are you doing? ”She said.

Cotter is great at telling customers not to worry about the balance because everyone is in your mood.

“If you have to make some adjustments, there is a way to do it without starving yourself,” she says. “Often people do not realize that muscle mass is overweight, so they are losing an inch but the balance is not moving.”

In Lynn, her private training sessions are for women only, but her other classes are for men and women. In the Lynn area, Cotter conducts HIIT exercises for small groups and individual trainings, but still hosts large group sessions in the Salem area.

Private training in the Lynn area is $ 45 for $ 45 and $ 60 for 60 minutes. A small group training of up to six people costs about $ 150 per 60 minute session.

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