After completing a comprehensive assessment of the need to replace the Summerland Water and Fitness Center and examining the inclusion of a Primary Health Care Center, the City of Summerland is conducting feasibility and space-based studies for both facilities.

The entertainment center project consultants have been exploring facility design options at two locations. The first option is to renovate or renovate the Kelly Avenue site near Summerland High School. The second option is to build a new facility on the Jubilee Road near the Summerland Arena.

Public opinion is encouraged between November 15 and 29.

The open house is scheduled for November 16 at the Summerland Arena Banquet. Due to the CVD-19 protocols, two sessions are available at 4 ፡ 30 and 6 ፡ 30 at 30 p.m., pre-registration is required by email.

The existing Summerland Water and Fitness Center was built in 1976 and municipal staff say the facility is nearing completion for at least the past three years.

A.D. A 108-page report prepared by Stantech Consulting Limited in 2018 indicates that the facility should be replaced as it consumes 86 percent more energy than an average swimming pool.

In addition, since its inception, the community has doubled in population.

The facility has been in operation for years, including the addition of a fitness department in 1996.

A new entertainment center only happens once every 40 to 50 years, so community input is crucial. An online survey for the Entertainment Center project will open on November 15. The feasibility study of the Primary Health Care Center will provide opportunities for participation in early 2022.

Exhibits will also be displayed at the Water and Fitness Center, Summerland Arena and City Hall. Paper surveys will be provided.

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