Western Mass News spoke with two local women who were able to change themselves under the coach who made the change.

West Springfield, MA (WGGB / WSHM) – H.Ealth concerns Have increased In the middle Kovid-19 People stop medical examinations, eat too much and suffer from epilepsy and depression.

Western MDonkey News talked to two Local He says women who have changed themselves through coaches have made a difference.

She set me on fire, which I did not know.Aneris Gun, a Springfield resident, said.

Many gymnasiums were closed during the epidemic, and it was difficult to stay healthy. Anerris Gunn and GLorivi BAster, two mothers with special needs, began their fitness journey with J-Fit W.. Springfield With his wife and coach Jacqueline Nozquidero.

The women say WEastern MDonkey News That is to say. JNT was creative. Inspiring They as well as Remembering her motto: making time a personal interest in their lives, not an excuse.

The women began training online.

She was leading us, she was making us creative. I want you to take out your broom, two gallons of waterSaid Gunn.

In In between exercise JNT provided a way for her clients to share what was on their minds.

“Everyone started posting videos and sharing their lives – ups and downs. Then other women saw that, and they just felt comfortable in their online program and then everyone joined.”Said coach Jacqueline. Izquidero.

Gun speaks WEastern MDonkey NAt the time of the outbreak, her health was severely affected.

I am 5’2 years old, so I am very short, my weight is not fair, and I have had complications due to the birth of my second eldest child, which has caused me nerve damage. So, when I was very heavy, it disturbed my ability to walk and things like bathing for my baby”Explained Gun.

Jim became a place to relieve stress and heal.

“When it came time for the gym, every problem I faced during the week was gym time. I used everything. It was a time for me to focus on myself. To give authoritySaid Gunn.

Gun SaID JNT Trudy taught her. And the results with that.

“AI was the heaviest 238 I was the lowest I was 154.6 I am the lowest – I am now 168 I am gaining muscle”Explained Gun.

Balester SID She was in the dark but she was working together. Jackie She changed her outlook on life. She told us that she had helped her to get back together.

Of Workout helped me. It’s like a reset key and I came here with a clear head. When I got home, I had a clear head and could handle anything.Said Ballester.

And the weight went out.

When I took my weight loss trip seriously, I re-weighed myself in February 2021 – I weighed 221 pounds at that point and now I am 195 pounds.”Ballester told Western Mass News.
I am in shock because of I never thought so In less than 200 years, that was my biggest breakthrough.

Jackie started as a medical professional H.Olivia H.Ospital before becoming a fitness trainer running her own business.

I was alone in the dark clouds that I needed to get out of, and I had to put myself in something to feel good. Fitness fell into that gap; Fitness saved my life.. ” Izquidero.

Jackie started her fitness business underground, and then when the epidemic broke out, she took all of her parts online.E And finally November 1St. She opened it. J– Suitable W.. Springfield.

She hopes to provide additional facilities for her clients outside the gym.

I want to create an environment where we can provide resources in my business regarding accommodation needs and guidelinesIzquidero.