Liverpool want to extend their 100% Champions League record while entertaining Porto.

Of Red He secured his place in the group stage by winning his opening two games for the first time.

Jገንrgen Klopp The players spent the afternoon in Kirkby before visiting the Portuguese on Tuesday afternoon.

But what can be gathered from the session?

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Utility Relief

Klopp was crossing his fingers on Saturday after Diego Jotta suffered a knee injury against Arsenal.

However, it is clear that the Portuguese did not suffer any injuries in the clash with goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale.

Jotta participated in the training and seemed to move freely.

Jordan Henderson, who was banned for the weekend, was another player.

Four-Mid Return

Liverpool have lost nine players due to injury and illness over the weekend.

The Reds, however, were greatly strengthened by the return of four regular players.

James Milner and Andy Robertson are some of the key figures in recovering from the crisis.

And Nico Williams and Devok Origami were on Kirkby Field.

Still not.

With so many options to choose from, Liverpool are more likely to play Klopp in a crowded pre-season race until the end of the year.

There were some unfamiliar ones in the session, however.

Harvey Eliot continued his recovery from a serious ankle injury and Curtis Jones suffered a concussion.

And when Nabi Keita and Roberto Firmino recovered from their injuries, they both disappeared, and Joe Gomez was also out of the game.

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Young people in sight

There may be another opportunity to file a claim on Wednesday for several academic graduates.

Young midfielder Tyler Morton, who played his first Premier League game against Arsenal late in the season, is hoping for more.

Owen Beck, Connor Bradley and his son Caoimhin Kelleher, who were captivated by trademark fashion, also performed.

Kaide Gordon is not eligible to participate in the group stage, but is included in the session.