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Since the inception of the iPod, podcasts have become increasingly popular in everyday life for millions of people. Joe Rogan Podcast, Seat Expert, Are We Stupid? And my brother, my brother and I are examples of scenes that cover different topics. There are also many options for fitness enthusiasts.

Something big- CrossFit is very popular, and the availability of podcasts on the subject – and fitness in general, reflects this fact. There are shows on difficult topics, others on nutrition, and some that combine pop culture with practicality. Here is a list of scenes you should know.

(Note: There are hundreds of shows covering CrossFit and fitness. The following list focuses on those who have been active over the past few months. Let us know.)

Discusses about CrossFit Games

  • Talking Elite FitnessProduced by Tommy Marquez and Sen Woodland, Talking Elite Fitness delivers tough debates about the best Christmas songs and the flame wears in farmers’ markets.
  • Connect with the programThis show, produced by CrossFit analysts / co-owners Chase Ingraham and Bill Grundler, examines the history of CrossFit events and examines whether they are a real fitness test.
  • Blues City CrossFit ShowCrossFit podcast hosted by Taylor Street, Stephen Wallace, Matt Detman and Teddy Williams. The Blues City Crossroads show covers a wide range of topics, including college athletics and cross-country, Ricky Gard, and coaching roles.
  • CrossFit Games PodcastNew additions to the venue show CrossFit Games Podcast Chase Ingraham and Dave Castro interviewing everyone from Daniel Brandon to Ricky Gard.
  • Face to face and friendsRich Froning Jr. sits down once a month with key members of the CrossFit Mayhem family to discuss fitness, hunting, topo chiko and crosswatch seasons. Some Sundays serve as rituals that cover certain books and chapters of the Bible.
  • Sevan PodcastCreated by Sevan Matosian, Sevan Podcast features Brian Friend, content creator and content analyst, in an in-depth interview with many athletes and special guests.
  • WODCast PodcastOriginally produced by Armen Hammer, Scott Maggie and comedian Ed. He interviewed some of the biggest names in the sport, including Justin Medros and Eric Rosa.
  • Coffee, pods and WODsThis weekly podcast highlights individuals from the CrossFit world and discussions about competition, but sections also cover other topics. A recent example is the triathlons section.
  • Clydesdale Fitness and Friends – Scott Switzerland, Kath Sherrer, Charlie Otte and Amy Rudowski are deeply immersed in CrossFit sports and big names in the sport. They interviewed various individuals, including Matt Chan and Emily Rolf.

Highlight the community and show a variety of topics

  • Kettlebells and cocktails, Scale and warranty podcast, Alec Danny John Podcast – The man behind WODs Great Again is an accomplished podcaster. John Wooley has three performances featuring different guests. He will host one with Nicole Brazier and the other with Ben Disziwski. The third is Danny Spyigel and Alec Smith.
  • Between representativesTogether, Brooke Ens and Jenna Sinsiroulo created a podcast on fitness, fashion, relationships, life, and more. Most of the sections are very adult-oriented.
  • Wex Appeal PodcastLike Talking Elite Fitness, the Wex Appearance podcast combines fitness with pop culture love and a variety of guests. Mce Stephen is a Wexler host, and he has fully demonstrated his unique identity.
  • BarBend PodcastBarBend co-founder and editor David Thomas Tao sits down and interviews some of the biggest names in the sport every week. It covers CrossFit, strength training, journalism, Olympic training and many more.
  • Women make wavesThe creation of NCFIT, Women Make Waves, features Lindsay and Ariel hosts while highlighting female coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs and other important people.
  • Introduction with MDVAnother part of the NCFIT family, Introduction to MDV, shows Matt Delavale talking to influential people in the fitness world. Some of the episodes featured James Hobart, Carlin Matthews, Heather Bergeron and Ra of Er (formerly Ronnie Tessdale).
  • Big Red Express PodcastRobbie Vogler uses The Big Red Express Podcast to talk about many sports. It focuses on CrossFit but includes sections on the NFL, PGA Tour and WWE.
  • GainzCreated by Guinness Box, this podcast covers a wide variety of fitness topics. Host Leah Mesger talks to guests about nutrition, thinking, training, supplementation and business.

Discussion on diet shows

  • Not randomly differentPat Sherwood and Adrian “Boz” Bozman cover a variety of non-random innovations: nutrition, training, lifting techniques, and training, among many other topics.
  • Controlling nutritionProper nutrition for training and healthy living is an important topic for fitness enthusiasts around the world. Chris Masterjohn, PhD uses Mastering Nutrition to provide critical information and show listeners how to apply it in their lives.
  • Advanced MonitoringChampionship winner Ben Bergero uses Chassis Excellence to provide information on living the best possible life in and out of the gym. He and his guests cover a program, a diet, and a variety of topics to help the audience achieve this goal.

Discusses health discussion

  • Health monitoringFour-time CrossFit competitor Julie Focher uses health monitoring to bridge the gap between MD, MS and fitness. Its purpose is to help the audience live a healthy life and overcome challenges.
  • Health for fitnessHost Heather Walsh is not limited to CrossFit or any other fitness industry. It covers training, nutrition, thinking and a variety of topics.
  • Active Life PodcastDr. Sean Pastuch uses active life podcasts to improve health and human performance. He interviews dozens of guests on health care, inclusion, nutrition and financial management. Some sections discuss making CrossFit “safe”.
  • Barbel Voodoo PodcastHost Jacob Fasig focuses on fitness and health in a Nashville-based podcast, and talks about CrossFit over and over again. Each section offers a special guest talk on fitness and general health priorities.
  • Brain Pump PodcastHosted by Sal di Stefano, Adam Schaefer and Justin Andrews, Mind Pump uses scientifically supported information about the “raw truth” of the fitness industry and shows how audiences can achieve more goals. Many rooms, including Jason Calipan, offer special guests.
  • Type-1 lifting podcastType 1 Lift Lifetime Branded Designer Thomas Lennon covers a variety of topics in the weekly podcast. Interviews sports athletes and broadcasters, but provides important information about training with type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Demonstrates a discussion of coaching and thinking

  • Power Athlete RadioThe podcast, hosted by former NFL player John Welburn and Tex McQelkin, is not a CrossFit show, but a focus on strength and conditioning. The event features a variety of informative coaches, authors, scientists and many other guests.
  • Wrong podcastThe Misfit Athletics family will discuss all CrossFit and practice training in an hour-long class. They talk about thinking, the best times for training and CrossFit games among other topics.
  • OPEX Fitness Gifts Poster Back TalkOPEX coaches Carl Hardwick and Georgia Smith return each week and engage in heartwarming talks on training, gym culture, body image and many more. Many parts of the fitness industry offer special guests.
  • Try everything with Jason CalipaThe 2008 CrossFit Games Champion and Founder of NCFIT is the host of a show featuring dirty conversations about the fitness industry. Calipa spoke to many CrossFit athletes and experts in the industry.
  • Gas station cappuccinoThe creation of caffeine and kilos, gas station cappuccino highlighted all aspects of the fitness industry, followed by hosts Dean Sadorris and Danny Lane. They discuss successful running, a variety of training styles, the best Halloween costumes for fitness, and music in the gym.
  • Burpee NationAlthough the name refers to CrossFit coverage, Burpee Nation does not limit itself to just one topic. Host Adam and Lindsay also discuss obstacle course competitions, running and building gyms.
  • Do not sound aloneHosted by Sisters Shay and Leh Duti, Don’t Do It Alone is a fitness show featuring many guests, including Gordi Gronovsky. According to the morning Chalk Up Patrick Clark, the event will feature some cross-country athletes in the future.
  • Barbel sighedThe men behind Barbel Shrugged created a show about fitness and training. They also regularly interview CrossFit athletes.
  • Podcasts are hard to kill.Dave Morrow, a 15-year-old Canadian military veteran, has created The Hard to Kill Podcast for military, law enforcement or medical professionals. The show covers fitness topics, but also highlights other important issues, such as Afghanistan and its success outside the military.
  • Garage Jim AthleteGarage Gym Athlete Program creator Jared Moon has started a show that focuses on a related topic from time to time. Explains how to properly train from a garage by overcoming obstacles that may not exist in a traditional gym.
  • Road stop, Son of Julian and Miranda Alcaraz, It has five different podcasts. These scenes – above all, Jeb and Flow, SP Mamas, Coach Roundtable, Alcaraz Adventures – cover training, thinking and many more.
  • The best time of their day – Hosted by CF-L4 coach Jason Akerman and CF-L3 coach Jason Fernandez, the day-to-day coaching and partner, live business development, coaching trends and revenue-generating strategies will enter the world. Minds in business.

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