This green area in the fitness center was recently added to Craig Ranch Fitness and Spa. (Miranda James / Community Impact Newspaper)

Fitness gym announced on October 21 that work at Craig Ranch Fitness and Spa will end this November.

Life Time Fitness, a chain of health clubs across the country, Craig Ranch Fitness and Spa bought, October 21 Letter to Craig Ranch Fitness and Spa members. McKinney Fitness Club Services at Colin McKinney Parkway on 7910 will be reopened on November 20 as “extensive multi-million dollar renewal” and a lifetime, according to a letter to Craig Ranch Fitness and Spa members. . The new Life Time Fitness Center is designed to be a high-quality luxury resort for the whole family to promote a healthy and happy life, the letter said. The new facility will include a 50-meter outdoor pool, tennis and picnic fields, a wide fitness floor, group fitness studios, saunas, steam rooms and a cafe, according to the Life Time website.

The waiting list for the new lifetime service is now open, and the membership fee will be finalized next year, by Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa. The site is expected to open a lifetime facility by the end of 2022.

Craig Ranch Fitness and Spa will continue to operate as usual until November 20, despite the closure of Hannibal Coffee here. A.D. Effective November 1, members will not be available on the terms of use of the club. Life Time is also offering Craig Ranch Fitness and Spa members the opportunity to become a member of any Dallas-Fort Worth lifetime. No registration fee until November 20. More information about membership is available at.

According to the letter, employees at Craig Ranch Fitness and Spa can apply for employment in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlifelong care. Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa was recently renovated in 2020. Health Club offers training, classes, spa services and more. More information about Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa can be found by calling or visiting 214-383-1000. More information on future fitness services is available by calling or visiting 866-770-1546.