Exercise does not have to be a member of a premium gym. If you are determined to achieve your goal, you can exercise at home. This is what the story of Kuwar Amritbir Singh teaches us. The 19-year-old, who hails from the village of Umarwala in Punjab Gurstspur district, holds two fitness records but surprisingly does not stop at the gym. He recently set a world record with 99 knuckle push-ups in one minute. In an interview with ETimes Lifestyle, Singh described the diet and exercise that will help him achieve his goal. You can take inspiration from it and exercise on your own. Here is the bottom line of our conversation.

When did you start training?
I read a lot about school games and played the character of Bhagahat Singh and Udham Singh. These great men encouraged me to do something special. So, inspired by them, I started training when I was about 15 years old.

What motivated you to break the push-up record?
It is a misconception that it is impossible to exercise at home alone. Going to the gym was the only way to motivate young people to stay healthy. Breaking the record is not just a matter of how expensive your gym is, it is a testament to the fact that commitment is the key to success.

Who is your inspiration?
It is difficult to name a person. I would like to thank everyone in the world who has worked hard to achieve their goals. They inspired me to call on my own name.

What are your plans for the future?
There is no action hero in the Punjabi movie industry. So I am working on my action and acting skills to become the first action hero in Punjabi films.

What does your diet look like?

I do not follow a regular diet. I eat the same food that is prepared for other members of my family. I have breakfast, paratas and yogurt. I have lunch, cereals, vegetables and rice and the same goes for dinner.

What is your daily physical activity?
Push Up and Plank are two major exercises that I do twice a day. I have also included these two weight loss exercises in my daily routine. With this, I do combined exercise three times a week.

How often do you exercise during the day?
I generally work twice a day for 2 hours. First in the morning and in the evening, I try to perform different types of exercises.