Japanese Fitness brand FEELCYCLE creates an immersive indoor fitness experience with BlendVision solutions. KKStream will be taking part in the first BEE 2021 showcasing its latest streaming technology

Taipei, November 17, 2021 PRNewswire – KKStream, a B2B streaming technology service provider in APAC, has expanded its application to stream fitness technology by creating immersive indoor fitness experience for the popular Japanese fitness brand FEELCYCLE. This follows the success of KKStream’s clients in providing online performance, business live streaming and global webinars. Enterprise customers are monitoring KKStream Inter BEE 2021 to provide comprehensive streaming technology promotion. Of Japan Large Professional Broadcasting and Entertainment Exhibition, from November 17-19 In Tokyo. KKStream demonstrates the three products from BlendVision’s distribution solution, as well as FEELCYCLE case study on how KKStream’s high-quality streaming technology enables new fitness experiences and business opportunities.

(PRNewsfoto / KKStream)

(PRNewsfoto / KKStream)

The KKStream module solution meets the needs of a variety of industries, including FleELVision, a pioneer in Fitness in The Dark. Japan To start a home fitness registration service

“Fitness is appearing in the dark.” Japan Recently, members can immerse themselves in their fitness experience in a low-light environment surrounded by sound and light effects. As a pioneer of Fitness in the Dark this year, Japanese fitness brand FEELCYCLE has partnered with KKStream to launch their new service “Feel Out of Anywhere”, immersive indoor cycling with live streaming instructions and live music with rhythmic music and rhythm .

“FEEL’s online fitness service anywhere was created to break geographical and spatial boundaries and promote ‘Fitness in The Dark’,” he said. Hironobu Takeda, Director of FEEL ANYWHERE Division, said, “We have faced many challenges in creating high-quality in-house fitness experiences, but now we are ready with the help of KKStream. Think competency.

“With years of experience in providing enterprise-level services and technological advancement, KKStream has launched our streaming technology solution BlendVision this year, and we will continue to develop applications for this solution beyond the entertainment and media sectors,” he said. Eric TsaiPresident of KKStream. “By partnering with FEELCYCLE, KKStream not only takes KKStream into the sports and fitness industry to launch an online indoor fitness service, but also demonstrates a wide range of streaming technology applications and endless opportunities.

Ahead of global mixing trends, KKStream, the industry leader, joined Inter BA 2021 for the first time to showcase streaming technology.

As online and offline integration becomes a new standard, companies in various industries are embracing streaming and online video as part of digital transformation efforts. This year, Inter BEE 2021 received a mixed model for the first time, showcasing KKStream BlendVision, a “Streaming-as-A-Service” streaming solution solution. Featured products include BlendVision MOMENT, a live video streaming service that helps companies, performance and event production companies and media to engage in online live broadcasts and expand global connectivity, and support digital transformation during the post-epidemic period. In addition, it features KKStream BlendVision LOOM, KKStream’s intelligent video encoding technology and BlendVision KALEIDO, a one-stop OTT technology service. These products allow customers in a variety of industries to freely integrate different video streaming solutions and gain time-to-market access to easily integrate streaming technology with their business or product offerings.

Although we have introduced ourselves at Inter BEE, it is one of the largest exhibitions focusing on video and communications. JapanLast year, KKStream said we had our own booth and this is the first time BlendVision has launched this summer. Hidetaka Ishikawa, General Manager of KKStream Japan. “We look forward to sharing a variety of streaming applications at Inter BEE, and look forward to helping companies overcome technical barriers so that each brand and team has the opportunity to deliver high quality streaming content to the public.”

KKStream on Inter BEE 2021 from November 17-19 By Makuhari Mese, Chiba, Japan (Booth: Hall 7 N0.7301). Access to the BEE is free but requires pre-registration https://reg.jesa.or.jp/?act=Form&event_id=17

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Founded in 2016, KKStream is a leading provider of B2B streaming service solutions. We use cloud-based streaming, AI and data analysis to provide a complete media streaming solution and professional consulting service for enterprise customers. KKStream is a subsidiary of KKBOX GROUP. TaipeiWith R&D teams in both Taipei And Kaohsiung, and an office in Tokyo. Our clients are involved in telecom operators, media companies, online events and tickets, online education and in-house fitness. Through our BlendVision solution, we offer “Streaming-as-a-Service” flexible and modular products to enable companies to easily streamline technology and deliver high-quality video streaming applications to a variety of industries. Official Website: www.kkstream.com

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