A screenshot from one of Kim Jong-kook’s YouTube videos shows Kim and his lawyer addressing rumors of steroid use. (Kim Jong-kook’s YouTube channel)

Entrepreneur Kim Jong Cook wants to stop copying rumors and recently spoke with a media lawyer about defamation on YouTube.

In a video posted on Kim’s bodybuilding site on Thursday, Park Min Cool, a media and telecommunications expert, denied the doping rumors and joined the singer.

“I have worked as a TV presenter for 27 years and I believe that the most important role as a celebrity is to bring joy and happiness to the people,” Kim said in the video.

But I think the current trend is easily out of line. And I want to show people what action they can take after spreading untrue rumors and hate speech, ”Kim added.

The video continues with an explanation of the park’s defamation and legal consequences.

The controversy began when Greg Dosete, a Canadian fitness enthusiast, suggested that he use YouTube steroids.

In October, Dowset released a video alleging that Kim was abusing steroids.

Although Kim was initially “proud” of the rumors circulating online, he later posted a video of himself undergoing a blood test and consulting a doctor when he received unexpected media attention.

The Canadian bodybuilder is gaining more and more attention, as Kim posted on Instagram last week, gaining popularity on social media and YouTube, saying, “So you’re trying to take advantage of the work that is endangering me. They really helped him to become more popular.

He said in a video on Thursday that this would be the end of the matter.

“I’m looking forward to giving YouTube YouTube a chance to apologize as a person and as an individual.

Videos about Kim are currently unavailable on Greg Dusette’s YouTube channel.

By Lee C-Gene (sj_lee@heraldcorp.com)