Someone recently recorded a heated argument with a planet fitness worker and took him out of the gym because the water bottle was so large.

The video was first posted YouTube A.D. In 2019, Reddit’s RP public release will be re-launched on Saturday and has nearly 20,000 points.

in the Approximately 3-minutes Video, One goes back and forth with an employee. He claims to have made the same half-gallon bottle without any problems on the same planet. The employee, however, said that the presence of bottles in the gym cupboards was against the rules of the general manager.

The fact is that this “rule” is not written anywhere in the gym.

“You made a random law. [the] Air, you can’t show me in writing, [and] You didn’t put it anywhere in your gym, ”said the man.

The employee replies, “That’s right.” (This means that the employee told the person outside the camera that the staff decided to change any law.)

When the worker was found to be immobile, the man continued: “I am leaving. a lot Planet fitness and you never have a problem. And you can’t give me any written document that is part of that policy. It is not posted anywhere in the gym.

As the video progressed, the man continued to question the gym’s policy — the staff often ignored it. Finally, he asks the employee to leave.

“You asked me to go, so I will go ahead. But this video will come out and show you and your face, ”said the man before finishing the recording.

In an old tweet, Planet Fitness said it would block gallons of water from blocking sidewalks.

Spectators are divided over whether to support the employee or the client.

“What nonsense,” wrote another commentator. “If you were forced to implement an unreasonable policy, you would take a different course of action.”

Others jumped into the worker’s defense.

“She is trying to pass in shifts, not to have a policy on the ground to oppose members,” said a third person.

“This is the law, this is her job to do. You may think she is stupid, she may not, but at the end of the day she is doing her job. ”

Update 8 ፡ evening 28 am City October 21 ፡ arrest “For the safety of all staff, members and guests, water bottles should be kept in trophies and not allowed on the floor of the club,” Becky Zirlen, director of public relations at Planet Fitness, told the Daily. Beware of the roadway, And they went on their way.

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* Originally published October 30, 2021, 10 43 43 morning CDT

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