Thomas McKay, Left and Jacob Langer are developing an additional business called Ryze Nutrition.

Business ideas can come from anywhere, and that was the case when Thomas McKay forgot about his pre-workout supplement.

“I was in a store and I wanted to go to the gym, but I realized I had left my supplements at home,” McKay said. “I went over to the gum machine and said, ‘Isn’t it better to put extra food in the gums?’ I thought.

Delighted, McKay called his old friend Jacob Langer before heading to La Cross. Langer, a martial arts competitor and boxer from Marinette, believed in the use of supplements and immediately came to mind.

The study began.

McKay and Langer spoke to gym owners and fitness experts. They crowded out ideas to test the validity of the concept. Gym owners asked if they would allow the machine; Ask their customers if they would like to buy a gum ball before serving.

At the same time, they explored a number of additional supplements to see what would be needed and how effective it would be to put the product in the gums. Then they take the next step.

Ryze Nutrition provides a pre-workout supplement in the form of a gum ball.

“We bought 800 glue balls to test the process,” says McKay.

With large gum balls open, they have been able to produce a product that can be used before exercise to improve blood circulation and reduce fatigue.

“You need fast energy, and we can do that,” McKay said.

The couple have big plans for post-workout, including gum balls and gums that use other ingredients such as amino acids – sport-based supplements. They called it Ryze Nutrition.