Journey to Expo 2020 Dubai Good for your fitness goals. Not only is it a great way to get around the site, but it is also full of running tracks and other activities to cover your daily goals.

For those who want to pack a quick workout during the tour, Expo 2020 has a truly free 5,400 square meter gym, fitness and health center.

The location is near Alif-Mobile Pavilion and can be seen through the movement door (see bright blue and yellow signs).

The place has six zones. The main – big – is the football field, which is also called Assei Park. It is home to a series of events, activities and competitions, such as AC Milan Academy sessions. There is even a large screen for live broadcasts.

Next to it is a multi-purpose basketball court, but also netball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, and bowling. In the evening, various events take place, and people can book sports sessions.

Behind it is an international fitness standard for mass participation events such as Les Mills training sessions and the Aussie Boot Camp.

Then there are the two cricket beat houses. Thanks to the link between the Indian Premier League team Rajasthan Royals and Expo 2020 Sports Center, there are a number of academic sessions each week where coaches take part in cricket matches.

Then there’s the outdoor gym. Basics are available, including treadmills, weights, bicycles, exercise ropes and even a punch bag, all of which can be found free of charge by exhibition visitors.

For hot days, there is an indoor gym that is better equipped with all the essentials. A few nights a week, this place is only for women who want to exercise in private.

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Finally, the Expo 2020 Sports, Fitness and Safety Center is also the starting point for free daily bike rides in English and Arabic. Learn how to handle them over here.

There are also toilets, spare parts and showers.

Expo 2020 will have a list of health and fitness events being held in the coming months. Highlights of November include the launch of the International Bowling Federation Super World Championships, the Al Ain Football Club and the launch of the IP Men’s Soccer Tournament.

The organizers recommend checking the daily schedule to make sure the resources you need during your visit are free. In the meantime, selected events and episodes, from bike rides to spin classes, can be pre-ordered through the Glofox app. Anyone who wants to do emergency exercise, both indoors and outdoors, can stop pre-registering unless the venue is for other events or for women only.

The Expo 2020 Sports, Fitness and Safety Center is open daily from 9am to midnight. More information is available. over here.

Updated November 14, 2021, 8:07 AM