It is estimated that about 40 million Americans have an IDD. Research shows that by the age of nine, most of them are much less active than their neuropathic peers. By the time they reach the age of 18, most people do not exercise at all. The consequences of such strenuous physical activity are many preventable conditions (including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis) and serious injuries, which can be avoided if people have more strength, energy. And stability.

Inclusive fitness – a West Roxbury– The mission of the Institutes of Fitness and Health is to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle for various people with disabilities and their support systems. Flute Foundation Raise awareness of the importance of fitness options available to the diverse community, providing the necessary financial support to millions of people affected by their inability to access effective fitness programs.

The Inclusive Fitness and Flute Foundation Neural Diversion provides financial assistance to families in need with the help of this newly created Scholarship Fund to help people achieve their physical fitness goals, thereby eliminating financial constraints.

What makes inclusive fitness unique is the fact that highly trained and experienced coaches, evidence-based practice programs and a beautiful, accessible and emotional training environment are inclusive, inclusive, and long-term success.

“The Flute Foundation shares our commitment to creating fitness and health solutions for the neurodeveloped community,” he said. Greg AustinInclusive Fitness Founder “We are thrilled to have a strong partner to further this mission and provide high quality strength and cooling programs for people in neurodegeneration. Boston Location. With the support of the Flute Foundation and other charities, it will have a positive impact on the lives of many.

“Physical fitness is an important part of helping people with autism live a full life,” he said. Nick SavarezieDirector General of the Flute Foundation. “Inclusive Fitness is reducing the barriers that prevent many neuroscientists from participating in exercise programs, creating a way for them to actively participate, be respected, and truly enjoy long-term health benefits and quality of life.

The Inclusive Fitness & Dog Flute Junior Foundation for Autism is committed to bridging the fitness gap for the neurodeaviers community, overcoming barriers to a healthy lifestyle, and increasing the potential for people with neurological differences everywhere. To learn more, please visit

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