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A few weeks after recovering from a simple Covidy-19, I tried Fitbit Luxe to get back on track.

Illness limited my ability to exercise, and my illness took over my entire life, and my fitness time helped me return to the zone.

I decided to try Fitbit Luxe for a month and I say it helped my overall health, here’s how.

1. It inspires me to continue

Even before the outbreak, I am very active and my workout will be done before 10pm or after my 7pm and 5pm on weekends.

Lifting weights and doing circuit training are just a few of the exercises I do most of the time, both of which are part of the 20 fitness hours that can give me perfect and accurate stats.

During exercise, the Lux watch monitors my heart rate, calories burned, and how often I exercise.

After I clicked, the fitness clock showed how many active zones I had during my entire workout.

This was especially true of my accomplishments, which encouraged me to return to practice. Before I use the watch, I always base my performance only on how I feel during and after training.

Set a daily goal in the app and it will be celebrated with you every time the clock strikes, making you want to work harder.

2. Sleep monitoring helps me remember the quality of sleep.

In addition to calorie tracking, another favorite of mine from FitBit Luxe is how to track and record my sleep. Sleep deprivation is a trait that everyone admires.

It helped me to meditate on how much sleep I had the night before, how much exercise I was doing or how much weight I had to carry.

The watch not only tracks my sleep time but also knows the quality of sleep.

Shows sleep levels (1) active, (2) REM, (3) light sleep and (4) deep sleep, which makes me realize that I am light sleeper with a high average percentage of light sleep.

This made me want to get as much sleep as I could.

3. Sp02 feature

After recovering from a simple covide-19, I became accustomed to checking my oxygen level at any time, and the big thing about this watch is that it also has this feature.

He only monitors me when I’m asleep, but now it’s enough because I’m busy and he gives me an oxygen test once a day.

I think it’s amazing and up-to-date with the latest update of FitBit.

4. Breathing that leads to anxiety

During stressful times, FitBit-led breathing exercises give me one or two minutes to calm down by doing deep breathing exercises.

Sometimes, I do this after exercise to rest my body from the strenuous exercise I have now.

5. Menstrual Health Monitor

With FitBit Luxe I do not have to rely on other apps to monitor my menstrual health.

It monitors my productive window and predicts my menstrual days which is good as I have a special app for that purpose.

6. Other useful features

FitBit Luxe is the perfect time to wear it outdoors to track your distance and route with GPS of choice for outdoor activities such as running, hiking and cycling.

Provides real-time speed and distance while running and riding. The same is true for swimmers — it also has a water lock setting, making it ideal for swimming and bathing.

Although I don’t usually do my desk work from home often, the game is still valid because the FitBit Luxe monitors my feet when I go out.

It has a quiet alarm on your wrist. This feature is perfect for people who hate hearing alerts.

It also has a message and call notification notifying you when you receive text messages or calls from your connected phone.

The battery is very comfortable, it lasts for about three days for my lifestyle and activities.

The FitBit Luxe watch is the perfect tool for those who want to get started and keep track of their fitness and fitness journey.

However, this watch is a good place for those who are already active and want to do better, as it provides an overview of what you can do to improve your sleep and exercise routine.

-MGP, GMA News