If you regularly scroll through Tiktok or Instagram, you may have seen the ‘Rock the Boat’ test in the last two weeks. In my diet I see celebrities, coaches, high school friends and “cool” couples. They all try to exercise.

The # rocktheboatchallenge has garnered over 129 million views on celebrities such as Tikitock and the like. Carrie Underwood, Jenna Dewan And Sean Johnson They all boarded by posting videos of them trying out the exercise.

Much to my chagrin, I went downstairs and tried it myself. And while Chesseld’s celebrities and fitness influencers seem to be struggling, this sport is no joke. Truth be told, shoulder pads and mounts can be climbed (like a man who works five days a week), but Planck Jack Pushp is cruel.

Have you tried the test? Here is everything you need to know.

What is the # Rocktheboat competition?

The test was performed on a 504’s Grab Da Wall and Rock Da Boat. While playing a part of the song, participants use symbols to complete the following activities in the poem.

  • Four shoulder blades.
  • Six mountain climbers.
  • Plank plugs when pushing pushps.

When you look beyond funny names and viral videos, you are basically in circuit training. HIIT Exercise Targeting the whole body.

“Aerobics is a great sport that requires fitness, strength and coordination. “It includes the core, lower back and upper extremities at NYU Langone Health,” said Dr. Dennis Cardon, an orthopedic sports therapist and head of primary care at NYU Langone Health, today. . Done with great strength. ”

No muscle group survived the Rock the Boat.

Quick Google Search offers hundreds of Chizld sports fans, which may seem incredibly easy, but I can personally confirm that fact.

“This is very difficult. There is a lot of body control, muscle strength, muscle strength and a lot of coordination to be used, ”said Cardon. “Everyone in these videos is completely crowded, fully shaped, and they make it easy.

Is the Rock Boat Test Safe?

If your body is in a position to do this type of exercise, yes, it is a good exercise. However, the high strength of the circuit, no matter how favorable, opens the door to harm.

“Cardio is dealing with a large number of muscle groups, but if there is no proper temperature on that day and, most importantly, the right fit in a few months, there is a high risk of injury,” Cardon said.

People under the age of 40 suffer from overexertion, tendonitis or partial muscle spasms or strains, and certain muscle groups over the age of 40 suffer complete tears, Cardon warns.

During exercise, the wrists and shoulders become brittle. “Of course I am not a fan of ground-based push-ups, it’s a big worry. The weight of the wrist is not heavy enough to cover the wrist, ”says Cardon. “You are putting a lot of stress on your shoulders in these areas; it is a big concern for the rotator cuff.

And the risk of injury is not limited to the upper extremities, “says Cardon. “This should not be done barefoot. Then there is the risk of injury to the toes. It should be done with sneakers. “

You may be thinking: I’m very comfortable. So, I can handle it, right? Not so.

“No matter how good a person is, if you start introducing new exercises and new stresses to certain muscle groups, even if he uses muscle groups in other sports, there is a different pressure,” said Cardon. “Like a soccer player going to the tennis court … they are using their bodies in a different way, even though they are doing very well. So even the most competent person ለመቀነስ should be introduced gradually to reduce the risk of that new exercise – especially such high intensity and intensity.

Ready for the test? How to safely join Rock the Boat

If you want to work to finish the exam, how can you do it safely?

“Being able to do this is not just about practicing this (exercise). They have to put other things into practice. ”

Follow these expert tips to properly train the Rock the Boat test

  • Get started with HIIT workouts. “They need to do some high-intensity training to build some strength and aerobic conditioning,” Cardon said. Start with something as simple as sprints.
  • Work on your core. “Strength is the main reason for doing this routine,” said Stephanie Mansour, a certified personal trainer and weight loss coach.
  • Strengthen the upper and lower limbs. “They should strengthen their upper body by leading them here – including all the major muscle groups, including the pectoralis, biceps, triceps, upper back, rotator cuff. This is a special exercise, but with free weights or body weights. They have to do it.
  • Do some movement. “In all of these regions, the shoulders and hips, in particular, must be flexible enough to withstand such activity,” Cardon said.
  • Divide the district into individual activities. “Start by pushing and then slowly increase the climb where it is being pushed. “Without a push-up, just do the walking in Planck Jack,” said Cardon.
  • Turn off the music. According to Mansour, slow down at half-mast. Slow shoulder and shoulder climbs allow you to control your shape and build strength.
  • Support your wrists. Stabilization tests and jumping movements in the plank position put additional pressure on the wrists. “When I talk to patients about push-ups (I tell them) they should use push-ups or use a dumbbell.”
  • Adjust each position. “Beginners need to improve on the upper body or the lower body alone,” Mansour said. “If you are doing push-ups, lower them to your knees in the altered position. If you are doing the legs, lower them to your arms!” “You can put your hands on a table, bench or chair to improve the climbing, and you can also do the climbing,” Mansour said.

More ways to train for the Rock the Boat competition: