The AI ​​health and fitness revolution that changed how creators create and share quality video content with audio guidance.

Bucharest, Romania, November 9, 2021 CNW requires a lot of time and money to produce quality content. Add to that the worries that come with online training related to personal touch, accuracy and loss of customer contact.

Superhuman, A critical content creation platform that encourages health and fitness professionals around the world to build reusable video content, is filling that gap in the near future.

“Instead of diligently practicing and copying your workout sound introduction, exercise instructions, and key results, simply write them down now and let the technology add professional sound that plays right when your audience needs it the most. No. Said Bogdan Preduska, CEO and co-founder of Hyper Human.

Hyperhuman Studio It is an application developed by health and fitness professionals owned by Video AI technology that eliminates the hassle and time required to create quality fitness videos. The created content is ready to be shared and used on any channel and in any format. This is truly unique and can be integrated into any existing device or product that creators already use, making Hyper Human a health and fitness video content platform.

Afrism Hyperhuman’s trusted audio technology partner provides a unique one-of-a-kind fitness voice that guides and motivates content consumers and encourages one-on-one that no one else has today.

“We will soon allow health and fitness creators to make their voices heard and provide the latest experience in personalization and instruction in any language, starting with a simple text. This is how we consider the future of health and fitness content to be very personal, diverse and accurate,” Bogdan added.

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Superhuman Video content for health and fitness is an omnipotent platform. The company’s mission is to provide a highly streamlined way to create and distribute quality video content and provide world-class experience for content consumption on any channel or format.

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