PARK RIDGE, Ill, November 1, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – HUR AmericaIt has launched a new website featuring a wide range of services, new features and a flexible catalog experience supported by more than 30 years of research, design and innovation in strength and fitness equipment, health programming and community business consulting solutions.

HUR America Provides life skills, active aging, treatment, inclusive fitness, health and rehabilitation, and sports performance facilities for seniors who want to develop long-term health outcomes and facilitate business results. Approaches based on tools, safety initiatives and partnerships, HUR America Provides comprehensive solutions to help communities and their communities thrive.

The website lists new HUR accessories, a new group display and display room environment, new expanded service descriptions, a newly posted HUR blog “Vitalog” and a new dynamic product catalog experience that includes a variety of strength, balance, heart and program management. Tools and Solutions.

“The new HUR America Webmasters reflect our commitment to helping professionals pursue results-based opportunities through solutions, technology, programs, and trainings. Robert McGuffin, CEO at HUR America. “Just as we believe that personal physical health is a whole person, our commitment to society is in the process of partnering to success.”

HUR by focusing on outcome-oriented outcomes America Provides consulting and facility support from facility operators, program instructors, therapists and executives. In addition to fitness equipment, HUR America Facilities help design, plan, renew, and market the benefits of health programs, including training staff and participants.

Designed and developed by Gate 39 Media, HUR America The website provides easy access to HUR for facility professionals America Customer portal, access to information and resources, using programming tools 24/7. The state-of-the-art, mobile-friendly website provides new inputs and more for partners, architects and designers. To learn more, visit

About HUR America

Strengthening global fame by innovating strength and fitness solutions, HUR America It is headquartered. Park Ridge, IllinoisAnd is a trusted partner and consultant to provide solutions that promote global health and well-being. HUR is the result of a research project by the University of Technology. Helsinki 1989. The company has since developed a close relationship with the research community, which means that recent discoveries have been incorporated into HUR products, programs, software and consulting services. HUR devices are manufactured by FinlandUsing state-of-the-art Scandinavian design, more than 10,000 installations are distributed in 30 countries on five continents. To learn more, visit

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