(Photo credit by Humbl Hustlr Foundation)

The Humblr Hustlr Foundation hosted the second Hustlr’s Boot Camp, a fitness fundraiser for all levels of fitness, on Saturday, November 6, Saturday, November 6, at Finao Fitness in Samerna, GA.

The boot camp has attracted more than 200 people and is being co-sponsored by ButterATL, Lasso Gear and Felton Hydrate by several private trainers from across Metro Atlanta. Athletic Clothing Brand Lululemon sponsored the event and offered some of their products to all coaches.

Lorenzo Gordon, founder of the Humbl Hustlr Foundation, said: “With the Humbl Hustlr Foundation, we influence and serve the community in a variety of ways. “We are a 501 (c) (3) organization that influences black men. So far, we have affected more than 120 young men and women in Atlanta, and we are exposing men and women to develop businesses and businesses.”

“For this event, we focused on fitness, which is the core of the community’s interest and a great way to bring people together. Atlanta is home to many fitness professionals, as well as professionals and entrepreneurs who stay healthy.”

During Hustlr’s Bootcamp, Gordon was represented by Atlanta City Council member Kelsey Mainor and councilor Andre Dickens, and he and the Humble Hostel Foundation were honored for their work in the community.

(Photo credit by Humbl Hustlr Foundation)

In addition to these boots, the Humbl Hustlr Foundation has created entrepreneurship programs for Atlanta public school students. In addition, the Foundation regularly supports community sanitation, particularly in the Vine neighborhood.

“We have decided to partner with Humbl Hustlr to continue promoting black health and wealth.

EFFECT Fitness became famous in the Atlanta area for attracting hundreds of participants at all levels of fitness.

Green continued, “It was amazing to see young talented black entrepreneurs give space to their gifts and support all the businesses that the community represents. EFFECT Fitness has a city market where we can promote other black businesses in the community, and Humbl Hustlr has worked with many gyms and coaches. It was truly a blessing to see and share.

For more information about the Humbl Hustlr Foundation, visit or learn more about how to support this organization www.hustlprint.org.