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Hugo Delian was the winner of the seventh edition of the ATP Challenge Tour. Chaleger Montevideo Chaleger lifted the trophy at the current Court of Clay in Uruguay.

Montevideo represented clay-court specialists such as Delhi, who represented the opportunity to squeeze the final juice out of the season before the start of the training season (and the break).

The Bolivian did not do as much as he could for the big parts of the week. In the second round, he struggled to control his pace with dirty Timofey Skatov. And in the semi-final match against Federico Korea, his front hand made AWOL for the big parts of the game.

However, Hugo Delian found a way to change course in those matches and eventually won the title Above Juan Ignacio Londero, 6-0, 6-1

This has moved Delin to World No. 120 Live Stages, And still far from being ranked No. 72 in the world, it is once again close to 100th.

In the last five games (including the Baghdad Retirement in the quarterfinals), Delhi has made 26 appearances. Bagnis, who won 61% of the first service, was very successful in his first service all week, as none of the opponents other than Delhi won more than 60%. the first Serves.

Delhi, on the other hand, has a well-placed service, a strong forearm and a strong back. His net game doesn’t see him compete with Federer, but it’s enough when he goes ahead. There is certainly nothing weird about Delhi’s game.

What he showed to the world of tennis this week, again, does not require a big service or rocket hit to win a Challeger tour, especially on clay.

There are two main reasons why Delian won the trophy this week and why he has won six previous tennis and fitness.

Let’s start with the tennis Ike. Hugo Dellien point building, patience and openness are some of the highlights of the ATP Challenge Tour. The Bolivian moves the ball easily around the court, slapping his heavy forearm into the court and, surprisingly, making his opponents run after the shot, the extreme impact he puts on the ball is not easy. Layers should be established if you can find a racket on the ground and on the roads.

It is not because he hit the ball (relatively) that he weakens his opponents, but because he knows how to build position and point. Although Delian made some unintentional mistakes, like many other players, he often came to his senses and waited patiently for the key to open.

The second reason is that Delhi is one of the best players in this week’s ATP Challenger Tour on Montevideo. With Delhi’s three setbacks this week, along with Scatov and Korea, the third set was in good shape. And that was the theme of the whole season for the Bolivians, the longer the match, the harder it will be to beat this guy.

Johannes Nickles knew his 2021 title in Lima during the Daleyan race. During their semi-final meet up, Nikles won the first set 7-6 (5) in one hour and 15 minutes. When Delhi won the second set 6-4, they were on the clock for over two hours and Nickels physically came out of the steam. Delhi comfortably won the third set 6-2.

In Korea this week, after both the semi-finals and the semi-finals, the longevity of those matches did not affect Delhi’s form in both finals. In Lima last one In the final between Camilo Ugo Carabeli and Montevideo, London, Delhi delved into a series of previous battles.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly at the Challenger level, but they have not finished the second round of the Slam or Masters 1000 yet, or any ATP Tour event.

ATP tour level players can easily turn the tables on the Daleon point build and force them out of the comfort zone leading to the starting line. These players, like other players with the same level of service, can make the most of the courtesy of Delia, which does not break the court.

It should be noted that the 2018 Summer Hugo Deletion game has not really improved since the 2018 Summer Championship. It should be noted that he won the first three Challenger titles in his career that season in Sarasota, Savana and Vicenza. Delean won those titles by using his fitness skills, his forearms, and his ammunition.

And while Delian’s point-and-shoot prowess has improved somewhat, there is still a reason why he is not cheering on Chaleger’s visit and not spending time full-time on an ATP tour. Although that work is 72 inches taller in the world January 2020, Could not reach the top of the game.

But that is not to diminish Delian’s challenging achievements. At that point, Delhi is a stepping stone to a visit to the ATP this week for many aspiring clay courts, such as Skatov. Want to get into the big leagues? Walk the ball through the rotating brick wall, the ball looks yellow.

And maybe this is the lesson of all that everyone can’t be the star of the ATP tour. Maybe our fans should accept the players for who they are instead of putting our expectations on the players. Perhaps we should take a closer look at why players get the point of playing at the professional level, rather than at the level of the papacy.

Delhi is an excellent challenger. His game is fun to watch, aesthetically pleasing and has a very high tennis IQ. He is a fighter, he makes opponents win everything over him. And he did a good job with those qualities.

This week was no different for Delhi. Using his fitness and high tennis skills, he was able to generate opponents and advance to the seventh challenge.

Hugo Delian deserves credit for his tennis stint on Montevideo last week.

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