(NAPSI) – The way people eat, sleep, work, and move their bodies has been disrupted over the past year and a half, and it is impossible to adjust and achieve mental balance in the midst of these changes. Easy task. As the CVD-19 epidemic changes daily activities and causes damage to physical and mental health, it is important to focus on overall well-being to maintain balance and overcome obstacles. To help, a fitness physiologist, certified sports nutritionist and Boehlex fitness consultant Tom Holland have expert advice on how to get back in touch and support your new routine.

Adjust to a new fitness path

Many people find that they have to adjust their exercise habits, and they find that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to exercise. The new fitness routine is a combination of exercise at home, in the gym or even on the road. Hollande points out that many people are looking for solutions that will enable them to work at any time and place, by switching to a new work model from home, office or on the go.

There is more flexibility than ever before to adapt your workout to your program, from live and command classes to many physical sacrifices. With tools such as the JRNY Digital Fitness Platform (https://www.bowflex.com/jrny.html), You can find 24/7 coaching and adjusted fitness options.

Discover your inner greatness

With a new daily routine

In this new age of fitness, diversity is key, so Holland recommends that your daily routine be fresh, challenging and effective by trading between strength and high-intensity exercise.

To get busy while exercising, try to find your favorite TV shows during your cardio workout. Newly connected Bufflex Max total 16 (https://www.bowflex.com/max-trainer/mt16/100915.html) Allows you to stream your HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu or Disney + subscriptions on the built-in 16-inch HD screen. Squeeze into a quick squat, crutch or push-up set between your daily routine for strength exercises. By saving time, you can keep your body moving, increase your heart rate, and build muscle.

Hollande added: “It works and works for you, even if only for five minutes a day, to improve mental health, improve mood, increase energy and fight health conditions and illnesses.

Be motivated everywhere

It may be easier to stay away from exercise when you go on vacation, when you are adjusted, for example, when you return to the office, or when you are dragged into everyday life. Hollande emphasizes that the motivation to stay active comes with a variety of rewards.

Thanks to the combined fitness solutions, you can take your personal trainer with you to help you stay on track and maintain those new healthy habits. For example, you can download JRNY from anywhere, like Yoga, Pilates and Strength at any time.https://www.bowflex.com/jrny.html) App on Android or iOS device. To boost your fitness level one step, add a Bowflex SelectTech 840 kettlebell (https://www.bowflex.com/selecttech/840-kettlebell/100790.html), A compact solution that can travel with you.

Prioritize your safety

Studies show that exercising can stimulate your brain to release more sensitive chemicals, including serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. This can lead to better sleep, less stress, and improved mood.

Holland: Prioritizing your health and fitness also helps you manage stress in your daily life and be better equipped to have a balanced mind and body – no matter what this new routine.