If a new corporate fitness solution provider is added to your growing list of responsibilities, you may feel unprepared to move forward. (Photo Shutterstock)

As companies Reorganizing their manpower teams, Many Benefits Directors are doing a lot more work with very few people. As a result, you don’t have enough hours during the day to meet everyone’s needs and you need to rely on partners to implement the programs your employees want and need.

If a new corporate fitness solution provider is added to your growing list of responsibilities, you may feel unprepared to move forward. You know it’s an important decision. But did you know that the right provider will bring more than just fitness management to the table? You can also provide manpower support and become the owner of the employment, retention, and staffing that you provide on a regular basis.

Filtering process, step by step

What are the most important things to consider? And how do you compare different vendors? The following is a step-by-step list of assumptions and a list of questions. In addition, choosing the best partner will help you identify what is most important to you.

Experience and stability

When you look at the provider experience, you want to feel like you are in a good company. In particular, you want to consider how long you have been in business, how many customers you have and how many of their customers are in your industry or serving the same population.

Questions to ask

  • What is your customer retention status?
  • What is your customer satisfaction level?
  • Are you financially stable with reliable financial support?

Support their staff and decide what is most appropriate

An organization that takes care of your employees should do the same for their employees. Ask your fitness center vendors how to check and choose a skill. And look for well-cared-for employees, low-cost and ongoing training and education investments. In short, make sure they “walk.”

Questions to ask

  • How do you find and screen your employees?
  • How do you decide which team to assign to a fitness center?
  • In what ways do you support and care for your employees?
  • What training and further education is available for your team?
  • What is your team’s turnaround rate and level of satisfaction?

Participation and participation

You need a fitness center that engages your community not only individually but also at a level that supports the health community. Therefore, potential suppliers want to know more about how to do this. Ask questions to determine the unique strategies you use to make an impact and how to reach your entire population.

Questions to ask

  • How do you measure participation and report? What kind of reporting division is there?
  • Do you have a variety of programming and privacy options?
  • How do you promote your programs? What marketing services are available?

Products, services and capabilities

While your main concern is fitness, it is important to plan for expanding services to meet the changing needs of your population. In this regard, they want to know if a seller can handle the growth and if they have different shipping options such as online and mixed.

Questions to ask

  • Are your offerings tailored to the needs and goals of our company?
  • Can your solution be seamlessly integrated with other providers we work with?
  • Do you offer different programs for all levels and needs?
  • Can you personalize your offerings to target specific people?

Compliance and application

When reviewing vendors, it is important to have a clear understanding of what steps to take to ensure compliance, how quickly things start, and when the impact will be. So ask questions about their compliance and privacy, how the implementation process works and how long it takes.

Questions to ask

  • How do you manage data privacy and compliance?
  • What does your standard, strategic implementation plan look like?
  • Do you have a one, two and three year strategy and plan?


Transparency is important when considering pricing. You want to be clear about what you are getting for the price and what exactly is included.

Questions to ask

  • What is your pricing structure for the program on the site?
  • How much do you charge for additional services? Is it inclusive or should I be aware of other fees?
  • What market data do you use to determine the value and value of this state / territory?

Doing your homework leads to better decisions.

When checking out a fitness provider, you need more than the box-box fitness solution. And the only way to get there is to do your homework.

Think of all the key elements behind the scene that contribute to a successful partnership. And, as these ideas help you to know, the depth and content of vendor offers is more than how you manage the fitness center.

Tim Mertz He is the Director General of Cooperation and Strategic Implementation. Health FitnessTresmark Company, a leading provider of fitness solutions that engage and connect people to create a stronger health community. You can find it. [email protected]