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If you want to get your best Apple Watch There is a way to measure fitness traits, length of action and more. Here’s how to do it.

Apple is a great tool for monitoring and improving your health. However, in order for it to work properly, your Apple Watch must be properly licensed and properly configured.

The first step is to make sure Apple Watch is licensed to monitor your location for measurement and remote purposes.

How to enable Motion Calibration and Distance for Apple Watch

  1. On your iPhone, unlock it Settings
  2. Tap Privacy
  3. Tap Local services
  4. make sure Local services On
  5. Scroll down, touch. System services
  6. switch on Activity scale and distance

After completing the above steps, you can work on adjusting your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will automatically measure every time you do a specific activity for 20 minutes, such as walking or running outdoors. So one of the easiest and most consistent ways to adjust your Apple watch is a quick 20-minute outdoor walk.

How to adjust your Apple Watch for fitness accuracy

  1. Wear your Apple Watch in a flat and open space outside
  2. open work out Application
  3. Tap Outdoor walking
  4. Walk at normal speed for 20 minutes

If you do not have time to complete a 20-minute workout, you can complete it in several sessions. However, you should try to keep your speed as consistent as possible – do not run one part of the 20-minute workout and walk in the other.

It is important to update your health information as your Apples use it to calculate your fitness level, calorie burn, step distance and more. You can verify that your data is correct by:

How to view your health details on your Apple Watch

  1. Open a flash on your iPhone See Application
  2. Scroll down and touch. Health
  3. Tap Health details
  4. Review your details to make sure they are correct

If they are not, you can edit them by following the steps below.

How to update your health data on your iPhone

  1. Open a flash on your iPhone See Application
  2. Scroll down and touch. Health
  3. Tap See my health information
  4. Tap Parameters
  5. Edit your data as needed