GURGEN POVERTY – The worst lock in the world has prevented people from even going out for basic exercise, which is limited to the four walls of their homes. For Gurage riders, runners, and travelers, the challenge was to stay healthy and stay as safe as possible. So, when Kovid He promoted rituals and lifestyles, became their home Outdoors.
“The first question that came to our mind was – what can we do and how do we maintain our fitness?” In the first half of 2020, Siddhartha Chudhari remembers those days. Gurage road runners (GRR), Chudhari believed at the time that it was impossible to keep fit until someone hit the road or track.
But while life may have left the GRW family in turmoil, they were ready to abduct him. And Chudhari, always optimistic, saw the glass half full. “I was leading a team, so I thought we could work on getting fat because we couldn’t run out of the house. And how you do this is by controlling your diet, so I started making a lot of diet plans. Along with monitoring nutrition, members focused on high-time interventions such as push-ups and squats.
“There was a lot we could do to work around being at home and we did it well – people really got into their best form,” Cudhari said, adding that he was happy he had never felt it. better than.
But it was not just a matter of having fun. It also provided moral support for friends and family affected by the virus. That is what happened to the people. Let’s walk Gurage (LWG) He wanted to do it when the outdoors was out. “At the end of the day, we are a community, and there is a connection between us. In those days we knew the families of the victims of Cowid and we met with them, ”shared Arvind Dimri, a longtime and loyal LWW man.
Some of us lived alone, and one of our members was infected. She was very serious, but we were able to take her to the hospital. Dimitri also thought that the elderly and those living alone need extra help Closing. So when the chemists were overwhelmed by the demand for medicine, he and his fellow cyclists volunteered to deliver everything they needed.
Fighting itch
However, to put on your running shoes, you always wanted to take that bike out. “because of EpidemicWe are not allowed to leave the house, we are not allowed to walk, we are not allowed to ride bicycles, ”recalls Ella Gossie, a member of the group. SpinLife, Delhi-NCR Cycling Team.
Suddenly, a weapon became necessary. “Most of us have a bike trainer, we have a bike to load and we have a gadget to ride at home,” Gos explains. “The most sophisticated people allow you to drive around the world, and when you ‘climb’ a mountain, the opposition automatically increases on your bike. There is also a very popular in-house training program. Swift, And many of us started ‘zwifting’ together. These are imaginary group trips from home.
What he saw was that he spent most of his free time outside the comfort of his home. “Everyone who wanted to agree was in favor of his plans,” says Chudhari. “In fact, when I tell people to do on-the-ground training, they say, ‘When we get ‘99% of the same results, we prefer to keep working online and do live virtual sessions.
Many SpinLifers are now in amazing physical strength. “At that time, people greatly improved their fitness – even though I was not one of them!” Ghose agrees. “They are surprisingly good and stronger. And when they finally got back on the road, Turbo was charged! ”
Backwards, step by step
In August, Gurage runners continued their outdoor activities, following government safety regulations, following social distances, and controlling temperature at large rallies. Masks disappear during the run but return when the team is together, for a stretch session.
GRR is currently organizing virtual races but it will take some time before the marathon, the events where the team will be known. “We’ve been waiting for 18 months and we can wait a few more months. Let things settle properly,” Chudhari said.
In the case of LWG regular staff, they will convene at a specific location starting at 5:00 pm on Saturday, September, but only members who have been fully immunized can join. Dimitri emphasized.
Traditionally, many cyclists play bandana, which doubles as a mask. And the Pedaritri, a well-known NRC team, feels that riding a pedal theater Aje Pandy is the safest outdoor activity. “It is very easy to follow protocols on trails because you can maintain distance even when riding in groups,” he said.
Punishment for many positive things is also a real learning experience. Dimitri is not taking things lightly but he is relaxed here and now. And for others, physical well-being in the city is similar to mental health. Now you know that staying indoors is just as good as staying out of the house.