As an athlete who enjoys running at the same level and enjoying CrossFit, I am always struggling with how to balance these two activities so as not to burn myself. I did not find a perfect way to do this. But what helped me was to be active and to keep track of my physical activity. This daily routine is dynamic, so if the season is a race I should focus on running more or if I have to stop running and do more strenuous work, when CrossFit arrives.

Recently, I found a smart watch that helped me train and run, Coros Pace 2. This super lightweight GPS watch (only 29 grams) is lightweight in the pocket, it looks super light, but it works.

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First things first. I changed the model four years ago and now I have been using Garmin for over 8 years. The Coros Pace 2 My Garmin comes in the same price range, and still packs more features. There is one caveat to this: My Garmin is four years old and since the technology has continued since then, the comparison is not exactly fair.

This watch has all the basic features in place. Use GPS to run or drive; It even allows you to swim in the sea of ​​your choice. You can also opt for strength training, cardio, paddle or triathlon. The watch does not have a touch screen, but I find this useful because I will suddenly stop anything or stop data monitoring while I am doing this. Instead, it has two simple buttons on the right: one to select and scroll, and the other to return to the main menu.

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The scroll button also locks automatically, which I find to be a bit difficult, especially when I have to stop running or exercise and want to see the exact time. While running, I encountered a similar problem when scrolling through different screens to view other information. To start a workout, you need to rotate the top key and long press to finish it. This may be a little complicated for someone who has used a Garmin press, but this is only a small adjustment.

It has a comfortable wrist control when you try to run regularly. But it also has a barometer metric, a speedometer, a gyro sensor, a sleep monitor and a compass. However, most of the information is only available through the app, and does not appear directly on the watch. The battery is very good, I stayed for at least three weeks with a few runs and GPS mode. The website says that when the GPS mode is turned on continuously, the watch battery lasts for 30 hours.

Also, it is time to shed some myths about metabolism and exercise.

The track also provides additional information about your training load and recovery time (although this is only calculated after at least one week of continuous use). This is characteristic of many Garmin watches, but they are not their basic models. And at this price point, this is a very important feature. When it comes to balancing my running and strength training, this feature helps me realize how fast I can go for another running or strength training session. The watch tells you how much energy you use for your race, which you can adjust if you think it is too heavy.

The app, like the Garmin Connect app, allows you to compare different information. For example, I compare my speed with my heart rate and height, to see if my heart rate is stable even if I slow down. One unique feature of this watch is the “running power”, which allows you to check how much effort you are using and change it accordingly. For example, if you are running uphill or on a flat road, you can adjust your pace by keeping your pace steady.

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I was curious to know the muscle temperature-map feature of the watch, thinking that it would have the same ability to predict which muscles to use most after a workout. But this can only be used for strength training and the information on the working muscle group should be kept in hand. Once you have done this, the clock will automatically count and set. It currently monitors activities only for major muscle groups (traps, gluten, triceps, biceps). The app comes with training plans that can be downloaded from the website. But this is a practice that is now available to almost all wearers.

To sum up, the watch is better than the bad, the only drawback I can see is the inability to store music and the fast lock. The features are otherwise good, the data is accurate, and at that price point, it is one of the best options for runners, drivers and fitness enthusiasts.

Coros Pace 2, price 21,999, available online and in many branded retail stores.

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