Cynthia Erivo talks about fitness and mental health. (Photo Dead Gate, designed by Quinn Lemers)

Relax It’s a Yahoo Life Safety series where experts, influencers and celebrities share their security and presentation. Mental health, From self-care rituals to setting healthy boundaries to floating into mantras.

Cynthia Erivo He knows what it means to be an effective executor. The singer and actor who first performed at the theater ten years ago has now been awarded only one prize for “Igot”. On the big screen, the Widows Star Destroyed Harriet Tubman In Harriet (She and Joshua Brian Campbell wrote the Oscar-nominated film “Stop”). Scholar. Next time? Joining the highly anticipated Ariana Grande Broadway version of the movie musical EvilErivo will soon turn green to play Elpaba, a Western witch who opposes gravity.

But Erivo could not do it all at first except for her own safety, the big part of which included her daily physical activity. In fact, the star is eager to work and is now the owner of the minority OMORPHOGravity Sports Clothing has launched a new line of innovative sportswear. (Appropriately, it was given to her. Evil In the future.) The products will show the weights built into the clothing, which will create a challenge for the performers who want to get the most out of their workout – without breaking the rules.

Erivo told Yahoo Life how exercise helped her take care of herself, how she met her loved ones during the epidemic, and made her social media room a better place.

How Does Your Exercise Affect Your Mental Health?

I have to do something every day. During the show, I started running long distances, because the show was so hard, and it allowed me to split. It’s the way I can run. Allows me to run. It is released by science endorphins. You will feel good and happy when you finish the job. I think I’m addicted to that feeling.

Why do you want to own OMORPHO?

In addition to the behaviors behind OMORPHO’s thinking about working, I also like how their clothes look and feel. When you wear these pieces, you know that your workout is more effective, but you also know that you look beautiful. The brand is fashionable and thoughtful in terms of shape and colors. I knew in my heart that I wanted to do what I did not want to do. All of these clothes have a weight on them, because they are scattered in the clothes, but you do not know them until you take them off.

Cynthia Erivo is on the new line at OMORPHO.  (Photo photo provided by OMORPHO)

Cynthia Erivo is on OMORPHO’s new line. (Photo photo provided by OMORPHO)

What is your favorite self-care method?

For me, fitness is self-care. My phone was lost for at least half an hour, an hour and a half every day. I am focusing on my breathing and my emotions. I want the food I keep in my body to serve me and make me feel good.

Then there are days when you need a little more, such as a hot shower or a walk before work, because you need to get some air. For me, taking care of yourself is something that makes you feel good right now.

How Does Social Media Affect Your Mental Health?

I decided to do social media as I wished. I try to share the most positive things I can. I use my social media to highlight the efforts of others. I always talk about new designers, new artists. I think this is the only way I can post something good on the Internet. I don’t live on social media – I live my life outside of it. It doesn’t affect my emotions as much as it used to.

How did you protect your personal relationships when there was social isolation during the outbreak?

My sister lives in London and I live in LA, and the only way we can communicate is through FaceTime. We found a place to watch movies together. We worked together. It was just to make time for each other. If you are on Peloton, you can work with someone on video. It was to find ways to be together without being in the same place.

I worked on the epidemic for a while. The most amazing thing I have to do is to re-negotiate how I work and what I do. Singing on a magnifying glass is difficult. It’s hard to write a song when your partner is at home around the world. It’s about being able to make beauty work in some way. If they have to come to me, it will cost a lot and it will take a lot more time. However, the hardest part was finding out how they could continue to work digitally when they were used to doing things directly.

What power do you have to take care of your body and mind?

I love who I am, and I want to keep feeding that person. If I don’t take care of myself, I can’t create a way to create. I can’t make the music I want to do. I can’t be prepared for long hours. I can’t sing songs on stage. It’s about everything, from the work I do – from the people I love and the ones I put my whole self on – to the people I love and work with.

What advice would you give to people who want to start working, but do not know where to start, or are afraid of the gym?

You do not need a gym to start working. It can be as easy as walking on the road. If you don’t know how to walk, if you don’t know how to run, this is exercise. If you walk for 20 minutes every day, this is an exercise. If you want to start running, start for two minutes. It is longer than people think. You don’t need 5K to run it.

I wonder how you feel when you reach the point where the fear is “perfect.” They will never be perfect while working – the bar will continue to move.

The interview has been edited for a long time and clarity.

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