man performing burpees

There are some interesting Guinness World Records. Looks ripe for the test. According to Pseudomonas, most marshmallows are eaten in one minute (25), or the fastest time to gather Mr. Potato’s blind head (16 seconds). And then there are some terrifying records that no one in his right mind can break. That category certainly holds the current record for most burpies done in 12 hours at 5,670.

Only British fitness trainer Matt Salis has his eyes on this number. And by the end of this year, he has put in place a comprehensive system to make not only the eclipse but also the eclipse. put off it is. Salis is looking for 7,500 republics to keep the record alive.

To be clear, Salis is not the average PT you get at your Crunch Fitness corner. He is a former Channel 4 champion. SAS: Whoever dares winsA two-week course featuring competitors based on the renowned UK Special Forces training. He has competed in CrossFit competitions, strength fights and strength fights all over the UK.

But to take the Burpes to a place they have never been before, he must basically be in very good shape (physically and Mentally) of his life. As Salis said Men’s Health UK, This means training yourself to make Burpes work for up to four hours at a time.

Salis exercise To the side Burpsis includes a variety of strengths and high strengths outside of bangs. Under its weight, it operates barbecue push pumps, pendulum rows, front brake pads, double chest compressors, tilted bench trailers, and a one-legged drum lift. He is doing “calorie sprints” on air conditioning for air conditioning… and then goes to the floor for more boobies.

Calories, in fact, seems to be the only thing that worries Salis when he goes to the World Record Test. At the end of 12 hours, expect an amazing burn of up to 10,000 calories. To avoid banking, he plans to refuel for the last six minutes on the road for the last six minutes. Assuming he can maintain his strength, another concern may be tissue rupture – 2,250 “enough” after Salis has done so many bors in one session.

Expect results from Salis on November 14th. The whole event is for a great purpose. Salis is raising money for the British Heart Foundation, with the hope of donating life-saving defibrillators to every county in the UK.