DuBOIS – Sunday, November 14 from 1pm to 4pm at the WPAL Fitness Center in Dubois, bringing together children and police officers in boxing.

Lathton Yarus, Bris Miller and Sierra Hoffman – Penn State Dubois Criminal Justice students – worked hard with WPAL Director Aaron Beatty and co-hosted a fun event titled “Box with aCop.”

Local children will participate with local police officers in a boxing event organized by USA boxing coaches James Hai and Randy Strickland from the 412 and 814 national teams. Officers from the Dubeis and Sandy City Police Department join the sport with the children and later share their day as a police officer.

“That’s what our gym sums up, so we liked the idea of ​​Lite.” Beatty said. “We need to help our children get to know the local police officers. They are there by our side. This event was the perfect way to get everyone together in a safe place for a great workout.

The idea strives to connect the community to all parts of the justice system. As a group, Penn State students felt that this natural phenomenon would be a starting point for practicing community justice in the Dubois area.

“We want young people to have a positive attitude towards our local authorities,” Yarus said. “Having our first responders present, working with the children and informing them of their day-to-day work will not only benefit the participants but also the names of the officers from the community.”

“Building strong relationships between young people and local officers is something we value,” Miller said. “The purpose of this event is to strengthen this connection with a fun and engaging experience as well as a good workout for the participants.”

“As a resident of the Dubois area, I wanted to find a way to give back to my community. With this event, we can strengthen the police’s engagement with members of our local community and shed light on the work of our officers for this community. Hoffman said.

WPAL is located at 37 E. Long Ave. It is in the middle of Dubois.

Participants will be asked to pre-register for this free event as there are some vacancies. Register by calling or emailing 814-299-7640 info@wpal.org You can also “LIKE” the latest information on this event and others on Facebook www.facebook.com/wpaldubois.