Bratleboro – The goal of her husband, Carla Grant, at Supreme Fitness is to make everyone feel like a family.

“I have a lot of good relationships here. There are a lot of good people, ”Grant said. “I definitely feel like home.”

Grant, who lives across the border from Bernardston, Mass., Sometimes feels like a bartender or hairdresser when talking to members. Once, a member enters, a conversation begins and they spend all their exercise time talking to her.

Grant worked as a personal trainer in the gym before turning King King Street on Putty into a fitness club. She had previously attended pre-school at Gill, Mass., For 20 years.

For the first time in 15 years since he started high-intensity exercise, Grant has offered a variety of classes and added a practical fitness center. Twice a week, she teaches two different subjects.

“There are very few people among them,” she said. “It’s ridiculous, because I’ve met new people for those classes, and the first people before Covid have not returned yet.”

After Planet Fitness opened in the Bretlborough area, one Efforts by members to rebuild high fitness membership By creating more members and raising money, he created a small revival in February 2020. But Jim, like other businesses, will be closed next month due to Covid-19.

“So that was very frustrating at the time, but we are still here,” Grant said. “Why are we still here? We hope it is enough to pass us by until people start coming back.

Some members have not returned after being hit by Covid-19, but new members are joining. Grant said she believes the virus is “everyone’s scared of the media.”

Exercise in the gym provides health and social benefits, he said.

“Surprisingly, before cobwebs, heart disease was the number one killer,” she said. “I think we are back to the main killer of heart disease. So living in a home, not exercising, is not the best thing you can do. There was also an increase in depression in the home. It’s time to dump her and move on. ”

To celebrate 15 years in business, Super Fitness is offering free products to members. On Monday, members received a bottle of water.

Gift baskets are to be laid out as part of the celebration. And anyone who wants to join will receive a 15 percent discount from April 1 to 15.

On April 30, Supreme Fitness will host the 35th annual Can-Am Championships. At the regional level, US and world records could be set in the power-up competition, according to the event leaflet.

On Black Friday, November 26, the Super Fitness venue will open for the second time and will cost $ 10 entrance fee for college-aged 8 30 30 to 11 p.m.

“I thought it was fun to work in different groups and we had to start somewhere,” Grant says. “I thought we should just jump in and pick a team.

Over the years, Grant has made many friends in the business.

“It is good that I did not come to work, because that is what I enjoy working for, and it is the end of it,” she says.

Asked why people choose better fitness than other gyms, Grant said, “Personal touch, a lot of equipment, I think relationships here.”

“I think it’s just the general spirit of the gym,” she says. “It’s great for friendship.”

YouTube video titled “It is a spirit of extreme fitness, V. It states that a member always feels satisfied after leaving the gym.

One member said: “As a woman, I want you to come here and lift your burdens.” “It’s wonderful.”

Another added, “Everyone is really friendly.