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Speaking of Gold and Guest Talk Tottenham Podcast, Rob Stane shared what he saw of Tottenham’s new fitness coach Giampiro Ventron after Spurs’ game against Everton at the weekend.

The guest noticed on Vetese on Thursday that after the game, Ventron had a very warm feeling after the game with a few players who had not completed the full 90 in the Europa League.

Ventron was yelling at the players to practice, making sure the temperature was too high.

Surprisingly, the guest noticed the same thing happening after the game. Ventron was leading another powerful mini-session.

Eddie Howe is a disgrace to Newcastle.



Eddie Howe is a disgrace to Newcastle.





What is said?

After these matches, the guest talked about Ventron’s work.

“Thursday’s session was very intense for the participants. I think about nine of them. Tangui was there, Harry Wink, Davinson Sánchez was not there, Steven Bergwin, Rodon, Ali, there were a lot of players. ”

“Under the new fitness coach, Gizippero Ventroni has a wide range of free kicks and the players have been running and screaming at different speeds. There were still a lot of journalists in the press and many of us were watching the training and you were really shouting because of the coach’s voice. And after Everton, the same thing happened with 10 of them on the field.

“You can bet on your life that if it’s too hot after the game, it’s going to be very intense during the week.”

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This is a sign of things to come for Tottenham.

Conte has been in the job for a week and his staff are pushing the players even after games.

According to the guest, you will find that the sessions on the Hotspur Way are similarly intense, so you will soon see the impact of these sessions on the field.

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