Gov. Janet Mills, chairman of the National Foundation for Governors Fitness Council, Jack Steinfield, and students and staff cut the ribbon today at Der Isles-Stone Elementary School in Der Isles, Gorham Middle School, Gorham and Dover-Foxcroft. Do not give up their new modernity! Fitness Centers.

Don’t stop Governor Mills, Steinfield and his students and staff from the National Foundation for Governors Fitness Councils (NFFF) earlier this year! Campaign. The three schools Selected As one of the state’s top schools to provide leadership to keep their students competent.

Do not drop off NFGFC every school due to the CVD-19 epidemic! Kit includes shirt, face mask, and scissors. Governor Mills signed a proclamation in October calling for “Stop! Fitness Month” to encourage families and communities to include exercise and healthy eating as part of their daily lives.

Watch Virtual Ribbon Cutting Here (YouTube).

“I am truly grateful to Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary, Gorham Middle and Sedomocha for winning these state-of-the-art fitness centers that help keep them healthy and strong.” Said Governor Janet Mills. “Academic and physical education go hand in hand, and I am very grateful to the Jack and National Foundation’s governing body for bringing this opportunity to Maine and helping the Maine children. Always remember, don’t stop! Be Qualified! ”

“I always believe in the power of exercise and real change must begin with our children.” NFCFC Chairman Jack Steinfield said.. “Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School, Gorham Middle School and Sodomcha School share the same philosophy and because of their efforts, every school should be given a new level of art! Fitness Center. They are going to help me achieve my vision of building a country with healthy, healthy children. Congratulations to the schools and thank you to Governor Mills for coming to Greater Maine.

Since 2012, every year, the National Foundation has made 12 donations to the Governors Fitness Councils! Fitness Center to four states. To this day, don’t stop NFFF! The program is distributed in 34 states and has delivered nearly 500 Don’t Stop! Fitness Centers. This year, the program is offering fitness centers to Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Mississippi. Each year, Jack and the Governors join forces with the winning schools to cut the ribbon at the newly installed fitness center.

Each $ 100,000 fitness center is covered by a public / private partnership with companies such as Coca-Cola Company, Song Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation, Wheels Up and Nike and is not based on taxpayer dollars or government funding. Fitness offers all the fitness equipment produced here in the United States. The purpose of the Foundation is to build a healthy, healthy nation in the world.

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