Courtney sits down with Britney Brant, Fitness and Safety Coordinator on campus, to discuss how you can keep track of your fitness during the holidays. Tips include watching some free fitness apps, going out and watching winter activities like skiing or skiing with your friends and family and being embarrassed in your rear view window!

Hello everyone. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. Welcome to Good Wednesday. I am your Courtney weaver host. I am the director of the University of West Virginia here at the University of West Virginia. Today I am Britney Brant. She is the Fitness and Safety Coordinator at Campus Entertainment. So we are very happy that she joined us today.

Talk a little bit about your fitness during the holidays. So Britney, welcome. And for those. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Positive Psychology. Why not tell everyone a little bit about yourself and your role here at the university? for sure. Oh, well, thank you Courtney, because you found me today, I’m very much here to talk to the students.

My name is Britney. But nest and safety. I oversee my on-campus recreation, group fitness programs, personal training programs, and other fitness and mobile activities we do on campus. Yes I can. So before we get into that topic, let’s talk about fitness during the holiday season.

Let’s talk about general fitness tips, because sometimes such changes, especially with our physical health, that diet or fitness or sleep. So what are the general fitness tips for Americans? Yes. so that. The government will issue new directives every five to 10 years.

Therefore, it is now recommended that you do moderate exercise, especially for 150 minutes. So a few examples of moderate exercise are fast walking, walking. Yoga or recreational swimming. Of course, you know, not all details. So it could mean a lot of things or seventy-five minutes a week of vigorous activity.

Examples of strength, then, are running, playing basketball, or lifting weights. So these are the goals that you should strive to achieve every week. And that includes. Strength training cardio and some strength and flexibility. So you really have to try for at least two days of each activity.

Yes I can. And I have found that sometimes students do not realize that they can do a lot of exercise without going into the gym. Just like, well, especially here, because it is very mountainous, but like walking to class, you can only exercise a few minutes a day.

Yes. And I’m glad you said it’s still 150 minutes, which may or may not be like the wallpaper on the building, just like the first floor of our building. So it is good that it is still important. Yes I can. So, what are some things that people should probably keep in mind when going home for the holidays, their families, and their health?

What are they, and what are some things to keep in mind? I say we are the number one destination for a holiday or holiday, we are out of stress and maybe a stressful semester. So taking a vacation is definitely not a problem. Maybe he is focusing on. See friends and family.

So spending time with them and making those connections is really your number one goal. So sometimes fitness can take you to that back seat, which is completely safe. So if you do not work every day or hit your target, it is completely safe. Because once you go back to school, you go back to your normal routine.

And so I have some tips that people can think of when they come home. So many fitness apps offer free trials. So the bottom dog is yoga. Just as there are many good things to do as a beach, they have some great training time. That weight is taking your workout out. I realized that some people go to hot places.

That is the house. Some people will be in the snow. So this may or may not apply to some people, but you can run, walk or do weight training, and sometimes gymnasiums or studios offer discounts to students. So you can offer $ 10 per month or gym fee membership, you know, $ 30 or $ 50 per month.

So I’m just testing those and really working. Suggests activities with friends. So if you often gather for coffee, perhaps suggest playing basketball or tennis outdoors or if you are in a snowy area you can ski, ski or hike. Hills earlier, more work.

So I think if you miss a word, it ‘s not a big deal. Try again tomorrow. Yes I can. So do not be afraid to try new activities. So that’s fine. Well, I know there are a lot of them, maybe the students are worried about their diet or things like that, and they may feel guilty if they get involved in those holiday events.

I mean, what is your advice for students who are at risk? Yes. So I also have some tips for the nutrition department. So, as I mentioned earlier, they spend most of their time on the holidays, focusing on friends and family. And so many things come, such as food, banquets, or meetings.

Pleasure is nothing. of course. This is not usually the time of year, but focus on the people you meet rather than on the food itself. So instead of eating and talking fast, you can focus on speaking, but remember to control the room.

So eat small amounts of food, instead of taking a big part in everything, eat small portions of many things, eat slowly and chew well. Drink plenty of water. once in a while. These gatherings contain alcohol, which increases calorie intake and helps to increase alcohol consumption. And you may not make the best choices for food.

They eat too much, things like that. When you go to a buffet venue, check out all the supplies and then decide what you want to eat. So if you really like mashed potatoes, take a lot of mashed potatoes. And if you like small items, maybe just do that, but make sure you pack some vegetables and fruits.

Do not feel pressured to eat everything on the table. Usually big parties. There is plenty of food. Pick up your favorite foods so you don’t feel overwhelmed because there are so many people. And do not feel guilty if you overeat that day. And tomorrow is a new day. When you go back to school, you can go back.

Regular return to a healthy diet. So right. All, everything in moderation, right. That is my motto in life, you know, food is to be enjoyed, you know, all food is valuable, so that’s fine. And I think one thing to note is that maybe you should pay attention to the hunger in your community, the signs of satisfaction, because sometimes when you are at those parties you are not mindful.

You are eating. That’s all he has to do, but maybe you should pay attention, just like, I’m really hungry or I think it’s good to focus on that talk, I’m really not hungry, maybe I should not eat. Or if you are hungry, then, of course, you know, take some food.

But, but yes. So how do you maintain your fitness when you and Brit are away from home? what do you like to do? So for myself, use it, I personally use the beach body app because it has a lot of weight. There are many types of physical activity, from training to yoga, boxing to boxing.

And it fits in well with the budget. I think 999 or 1499 a month. So, and there is a free experiment with it. So if you have never experienced this, here are some tips to help you get started: Sometimes I do yoga podcasts. You can find some on Apple, Spotify to do those for free. So I have my carpet at home and I go to the gym with my friends and family.

My mother and I walk around. So, fortunately, we have some pellets around us that we can go up and down. I know not everyone is like that. But when I am at home, skiing is one of my favorite ice hockey activities. But all of my workouts are really focused on weight and do not require any equipment.

It’s something I focus on during the holidays. I try to focus only on maintaining my weight or appearance and feeling that I am protected, and not much to lose or gain weight. I’m trying to make everything the same. And then when I go back into the rubble, that’s when I go back to my next goal.

Aha OK. I think I used it as a Nike fitness app and they have some. The three have one activity and you have different activities. So do you.

Which is not just a video format, an image format. Because if you are like me, my sense of place is bad. So I have never seen a real video of someone doing it. Activity is good for me. So are there resources on campus rack to help students stay on track when and during the semester?

I have to say. So the rack center itself will be open during the holidays. So if any students are nearby, hours will be reduced and we will have some group fitness classes. So now we have no virtual options or resources. But I think that’s a really good idea. So I want to prepare some for the students.

So I say. Just follow us on Instagram and Twitter on our social media and watch the in-house sports that people can do. Because I think it’s good to present those to people. Yes, for sure. So, before we finish today, Britney, is there another gem of wisdom that you would like to convey to our audience?

Yes. I say this on the feast day. I know I mentioned it before, but I want to repeat it. It’s all about spending time with friends and family. Do not worry about trying to lose weight or make any serious plans for the holidays. And try to keep it real and relax.

Enjoy yourself and eat a Dang cookie. Yes I can. Yes, life is short, eat, eat the cookie, eat the cookie. Especially later, you know, we thought 20, 20, 20, 20 years was a difficult year, 2020. It was a difficult year. So now is the time to take this opportunity to relax and unwind. Yes, just enjoy yourself. Well, thank you very much, Britney, for joining me today

Thank you for your time and we appreciate all of our audience for watching this episode. We’ll see you next time on Weing Wednesday.