Most of them Home gym They want a big gym, but not with a smart mirror. These fitness equipment offers hundreds of online fitness classes with a small footprint. some Mirrors They are very stylish and you can install them in your living room and they will blend. You may encounter them when you buy smart glasses. Glass And Time. Which is better? We will break down their strengths and weaknesses so that you can choose the best fitness mirror for you.


Tempo and glass are not the only exercise equipment. They are the displays that look great in any room. The mirror is a shamrock. You don’t even know it’s a fitness mirror. When not in use, it looks like a full-length mirror. The glass takes up very little space in your room because it can be hung on the wall.

Of Glass It has a 40-inch 1080p display, but no touch screen. You control it using your smartphone and mirror app. Connecting your phone is a big problem using the platform. If you can’t find your phone or find out that your phone battery is dead, you can’t start exercising.

Tempo Studio is set up in a living room.

Of Tempo Studio It has a compact and attractive design similar to that of a mirror, but sits on a shelf, not on the wall. It is ideal for homeowners who do not want permanent installation or who cannot dig into their walls. It easily blends into any room, but is no different than a mirror.

Because it has a stand, Tempo holds a little extra room and weighs more than glass. The stand doubles as a storage space for the included weights. This is a significant space saver. Everything you need is stored in a clean and compact package.

It is equipped with a 42-inch touch screen and sensors to monitor your form while the template is running. This form of tracking is helpful, but it pushes space requirements for exercise. You need to stand about six feet behind the fitness mirror for the sensors to work.

Exercise Library

Glass weights are used in conjunction with the mirror.

Both Tempo and Glass offer a wide variety of classes for all levels of fitness. Both offer live lessons for those who want to repeat the gym experience. Whichever fitness mirror you choose, you will find many exercises to get you started and many more exercises to help you improve over time.

Both Tempo and Mirror are constantly adding new classes to their fitness libraries. When it comes to high-intensity exercise, the winner is clear. It has a much larger library with tens of thousands of rooms. Mirror offers 1 ፡ 1 personal training that you can purchase without a monthly subscription. Each private room costs $ 40. Some may be sent at this price, but others may welcome the opportunity to work directly with a professional coach.

Glass and tampons vary in the type of exercise available. Dumbbells, kettlebells and similar weights are optional with the mirror. The unit does not ship with these extras, and not everyone wants to invest in a mass free weights collection. As a result, most glass fitness libraries use body weight for strength and heart training. This could change as Mirror expands its content to include new ones. Smart weights. These weights track your form and add a new dimension to myrrh exercise. Tempo has a large weight of ships and a strong strength training component, which makes it more versatile than glass.


Mirror Fitness Home Gym Showcase
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Both Glass and Tempo want to buy a monthly membership, which allows you to find sports that promote these fitness forums. Without membership, both Myrrh and Tempo will be precious home decorations.

Mirror membership costs $ 39 a month, which includes accounts for up to six individuals. As mentioned, users can purchase private training sessions, which cost $ 40 per session. Glass requires you to pay for one year, after which you can switch to a monthly subscription. Tempo also includes the cost of registration for family members to work. Tempo, like Mirror, requires a 12-month commitment for the first year.

Hardware price

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At first glance, the mirror seems to be a better deal for Tempo at $ 1,495 compared to $ 2,495. Tempo may cost more, but it’s actually a better deal because it includes extra features such as a fitness mat, dumbbells and 75-pound bowls. These extras make a difference in price and comfort. The template comes with everything you need in one package. Once installed, you do not need to buy anything else. You need to buy weights to do any strength training with the mirror. Glass was unveiled Smart weights Monitor your form, make sure you are working properly.


You can’t go wrong with the mirror or the tampon. They are both decorated and suitable for the decoration of each room. They are compact and require little space to load and exercise. Both offer a rich fitness library for all abilities. When it comes to nitty-gritty details, we recommend the temp for those who want to focus on free weight training. The unit weighs and has an integrated cabinet that is convenient for storing these accessories.

Not everyone wants to be overweight. They take up a lot of space in one room and are difficult to move. People who prefer a simple setting will look good with the mirror. The mirror offers everything from stretching to weight training. With the largest classroom library, you will not miss practice. It is also less expensive than a tampon, so don’t try to break it down in bulk.

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