new York–(Gyms, The World’s Largest Corporate Security Forum Announces New Additional Participating Areas Network Free Fitness International, LLC, Operator LA Fitness, City Sports Club, And Esporta Fitness Brands. In addition, gym users can now qualify for the most popular fitness clubs in the country. LA Fitness and Sister Names, one of the largest private health club chains in the US, gives Jimmas 2,500+ corporate customers access to more than 700 locations across the US, as Jimmas expands its reach. Safety sacrifices.

“Gyms, quality and accessibility are our two priorities and the addition of Fitness International, LLC to the Gimps network is a big reason why it makes perfect sense. Gimpas is helping people change their approach to fitness and health, and we, along with Fitness International, LLC, look forward to bringing LA Fitness, City Sports Club and Esporta Fitness to our corporate clients and staff as part of our mission. Gespas CEO Cesar Carvalho said.

“Our goal is always to provide services that meet the needs of our users at all levels of life, LA Fitness, City Sports Club and Esporta Fitness are helping us function as full-service gyms. With all the facilities and services they provide.”

This partnership comes at a critical time when American employers want to protect and attract the potential. As a result, companies can now offer premium services and services including LA Fitness, Urban Sports Club and Espotta Fitness – specifically swimming pools, basketball courts and many team rooms to promote a healthy lifestyle for their employees.

“We are delighted to be working with Gimps, a truly innovative leader in corporate security to provide greater access to national health clubs and services,” said Jill Greling, president of club operations. We consider our partnership with Gimps to be another important step in our mission to help as many people as possible have a healthy lifestyle.

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About the gymnasium

Gymps is a complete corporate security platform that ignites and ignites every trip to feel good. We do this by renewing security, making it universal, participatory and accessible. International companies rely on the incomparable type, convenience and flexibility of Gimps to support the health and happiness of their employees. With more than 50,000 fitness partners, 1,300 interest classes, 2,000 hours of meditation, 1 ፡ end 1 therapy sessions, and hundreds of personal trainers, Gimpas supports every safe journey. We have partnered with the best security providers in many markets in North America, Latin America and Europe.

About Fitness International, LLC

Fitness International, LLC is one of the fastest growing health club chains in the US with more than 700 locations in 27 states. The company aims to create LA Fitness, Sport Fitness and Urban Sports Club to help as many people as possible achieve a healthy lifestyle, creating a network of health clubs nationwide and providing a wide range of resources to its members. And very friendly service at an affordable price. Visit, and to learn more about Fitness International, LLC growth. Follow us by downloading our Facebook, Instagram or mobile app.