Editors’ Note, November 1, 2021 ፡ conclusion- A.D. As one of the only smartwatches released in 2021, we offer Venu 2 and 2S editors a choice as it is compatible with Android and iOS. It is a great option for anyone looking for a smart watch with a mix of sports and strong battery life. Our review, originally published in April, follows.

Second: Jane Garmin Venu 2 is heavy. Fitness See double-digit as a smart watch. It has a beautiful double round face, bright AMOLED display and many sports and activity tracking options. Also, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

But at $ 400, the Venue 2 is at an all-time high, with more competition than any other watch. It was his own that made Venu 2 stand out from the crowd. Health Features and long battery life, don’t expect it to be a real second screen for your phone.

as such

  • Battery life of at least five days
  • Bright AMOLED display
  • Deep fitness parameters
  • Beautiful design

Don’t like it

  • There is no speaker or microphone for calls.
  • Restricted third-party apps

A sports watch that looks better

Unlike the original Venu that came in one size, Venu 2 now offers two optional 45mm Venu 2 or 40mm Venu 2S options, which I tried for this review. They share the same features as the name and screen size, but the 2S has a smaller battery and is damaged when it comes to runtime.

Venue 2 has a stainless steel bottle and silicone band that can be worn all day and all night. The AMOLED display has three brightness levels, plus an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness. I find it easy to see my workout even in direct sunlight. I feel that the screen is more responsive than the original Vene, and once I got the muscle memory down for each of the side buttons, navigating the clock was a breeze. I also like to be able to customize many of the clocks with color or various fitness parameters as a rating or to create a stimulating background. This watch has an optional display option that you can disable to save battery life.

The screen is easy to see in bright external conditions.

Lexy Savvides / CNET

All about health and fitness

Venue 2 can track more than 25 types of activity. For your regular running, walking and cycling, Venue 2 now offers indoor climbing, rock, hiking and advanced training timers such as AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) and taboo, interval training. Strength exercises now show which muscle groups have been developed, which is great for beginners like me.

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New fitness profiles include HIIT, bulking and hiking.

Lexy Savvides / CNET

Before you start exercising, you can customize exercise screens to show the parameters that are important to you, making this watch look your own. Venue 2 GPS is locked to the signal for 5 to 10 seconds after being outdoors. The track I followed during the race coincided with the line on my phone, and I copied myself.

I tested the heart rate on the traditional chest strap, which is considered a gold standard for athletes. The results of the watch match the strain by combining low-intensity exercise with my heart rate, average heart rate, and beats per minute. With a high-intensity workout, the Venue 2 was right on my chest. You can see the result in the graph below.


Monitor heart rate from Venu 2S (purple line) on chest strap (blue line).

Lexy Savvides / CNET

It also provides health and others Safety Consider measurements and movements, including body battery point Sleep. It suggests that you should push your body and exercise or take a break. This is the same behavior you can find on other Garmin wearers. The watch is a new health screenshot that takes 2 minutes of heart rate reading on your wrist and is used to calculate anxiety, resting heart rate and breathing rate. It can also calculate your fitness age. It depends on the strength of your activity or how strong you are exercising, depending on your heart rate and BMI or body fat percentage during your break. It then offers tips on how to improve your score.

Venue 2 monitors your SPO2 levels (blood oxygen) during sleep, such as space reading or throughout the day. Provides high and low heart rate alarms, but does not feature ECG or electrocardiogram like other smart watches Fitbit feeling, Apple Watch Series 6 Or Galaxy Time 3.

In addition to your basic sleep monitoring, Venue will record your nightly rest for a total of 100. I noticed that Venue 2 did not accurately record my waking hours, so I contacted Garmin. This may be why.

In addition to what you see on the watch, the Garmin Link app does a great job of explaining and displaying all your health and fitness statistics. Venue 2 provides menstrual cycle and pregnancy monitoring.

Fitness first, smart traits second

Venu 2 covers basic smartwatch features such as noticing notifications from your phone and displaying calls or text messages. Combined with Android phones, you can reply to text messages using pre-written responses. You can make non-contact payments using Garmin Pay.

p1030262-00-00-40-17- Still 003

Music apps on Venue 2 and 2S.

Lexy Savvides / CNET

You can also store up to 650 songs per hour from Spotify, Deezer or. Amazon Music, but the lack of an LTE option means you can’t broadcast anything without dragging your phone. You need to pick up your phone to use Garmin’s Live Track, a security feature that sends a message to a friend or family member during a workout.

This watch also lacks a speaker and a microphone. If you use it mostly for fitness features, this may not be a distributor, but I miss being able to control hands-free voice control and make quick calls from my wrist. It is a characteristic of competitors of similar value for many years. And the Garmin Connection Icon app, which you have to download on your phone to get more apps and viewer views, doesn’t have a third-party app like most competitors.

A long-lasting battery for all your workouts

Fortunately, the Venue 2 has a lot to offer in terms of battery life. Garmin Venu says you can use 2 V in Smart Time mode (showing phone notifications) for 11 days or 10 days starting from 2 S.


Lexy Savvides / CNET

In the real-world experiment, I was able to use it for five days before charging from the Venue 2S. This includes 30-minute GPS workouts, notifications, and sleep and SpO2 monitoring at night. Although I have not been able to test the larger Venue 2, I expect the battery to last longer. If I can do a battery test at that time, I will update this review. Always turn on the flashlight and expect battery life to decrease by about two or two and a half days.

It’s almost like a salute.

If you already own the original Venue 2, the Vanu 2 upgrade may not be worth it, but if you are new to Garmin and want a first-class fitness watch with basic smartwatch functionality, Venu 2 may be worth it.