Not surprisingly, fitness instructor Paula Lamb performed her classroom music with stage musicians such as Hair Spray or performed at the Berslek and Broadway boot camp from Waterloo Base, because she was not challenged by the students during her difficult training sessions.

Like Paula Frances, she was in Brookings with Diana Corkill, and she continues to act as an actress – this month in the Rindley Theater runcorn in the desperate Scopevs 2.

But now the world of fitness has taken the lead in math, and now she has been named Northwest Community Fitness Teacher 2021.

“And I’m more than happy,” she says. “Thank you and I respect you very much. I never thought I would run for such a small band.

But it is a community award and my classes are not only about physical but also about mental and spiritual. It’s about giving people a place where they feel, are accepted and supported – we are like a family.

Paula, 52, is best known for her role in Brooks, where she played the role of the troubled and abused wife of PC ‘Rod the Plod’ between 1990-1993.

But it’s her little fitness role – starring since she was 12!

“My mom and dad opened an urban health studio gym in County Road Walton in 1982, and my dad took me there,” she says. “There was a woman in the gym and she didn’t come one night and I asked if I could take my dad. (It only lasted 10 minutes).

“He agreed – and the members said, ‘We love the new woman!’

Paula with her husband Brian and her son Lum

“My dad gave me two nights a week and I did a course in aerobics at the age of 14.

“I continued to teach fitness even in the 1990-1993 years and I always have.”

Although after giving birth – Alexandra 23 and 21 – Fitness played a major role in Paula’s life.

“When Alexandra was born, I decided to take a year off and give it to everyone,” she says, “and it finally became seven.

I came home on the weekends, but I hated going out, so I asked to leave.

Paula continued, “When I was 35, I decided to renew all my skills so I went to Liverpool Community College to do dance, aerobics, pilates and more, and then I went to university to get health, nutrition and fitness. First grade degree! – And 12 years ago I started a launch camp in Waterloo.

She manages her company Corvette from Old Christian Church Waterloo, and Paula serves 300 customers.

She offers a variety of classes, including boxing to beats and personal training sessions.

Two days before the official closure of Vived, she started online training, advising where things were going (‘I have a lot of teachers and nurses to train with me’): I have a YouTube channel, and now I do online and in-person tutorials, and it offers options for everyone.

“The old Christ Church is so big, I can accommodate 40 people at a distance of 2.5 meters. I am proud of this, and we are able to safely return to practice.

The prize made him even more proud!

I was shocked when they said my name, there are some amazing teachers, but I feel really good… and I shot.

“This is a community award, and we were a community – and we are – we help each other. It’s hard to ask for help, we all know, but we can do it here. We had women who raised children alone, their marriages failed, we met people in a similar situation here, they were supportive and going on vacation together, or going out for a drink – and that was the community.

It’s more than just exercise – a place where people feel like they are and are not judged is safe.

Paula adds, “I still love to do and do exercise. But being in a room is like a stage – not everyone can sit in front of 50 people, exercise, and have fun.

That’s when I hit my stage show – and my members laughed and said, ‘She thinks you can’t do acting,’ but it’s great and they make me happy.

“We all have a great time – and it’s about him.

* Paula is being screened at the Brightley Theater on November 24 and 25 and Desperate Scousewives 2 Runcorn. You can book tickets here.

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