November 4, 2021

Group-text notifications notify Ding, Chaim or buzz anywhere between 4 and 5 a.m., sometimes up to 6 p.m., if you’re lucky.

When the work is out of town, it all depends on Dad’s time zone, but generally the message remains the same.

I’m sleeping and working. What time do you work today?

“I write a message from the gym,” says Darill Mack Persson, a smirk.

Sharing a table with his three children at the Vouhan Athletics Center on Saturday morning, Darill talks about his family’s commitment to fitness and eliminates physical and mental benefits. He and his wife, Nicole (have been absent this morning, assisting young volleyball players in pre-tournament training) have been members of Fox fitness for 13 years. The children – Brandon, 21, and the twins, Olivia and Kiera, 19, joined their mother and father in VC in the eighth grade.

Dedicated athletes, all five.

“Everyone wants to win on game day, but very few want to do the work they need to get there,” says Darill. “You start wanting to win when you appear here at 9 or 6 p.m.

Daryl and Nicole, both high school and high school athletes, also played baseball and Nicole in Alabama and Illinois.

Apples are certainly not far from this family tree. A graduate of the Marion Academy, Brandon is a junior pitcher in the North Illinois University baseball team, and Olivia and Kiera (West Aurora) are volleyball stars. And Football at Wabonse Community College, where the two sports are held at the same time in the fall (think about that).

“We always say that working does not guarantee success, but it makes them competitive in their respective sports.” “It’s very important to us as parents, and it’s not something you have to say. They just sit back and watch the results of your efforts.”

“We see it as a safe place. You can do whatever you want and leave with a sense of accomplishment,” said Olivia. You can get to know your family at a different level. “

McPhersons work six to seven times a week, “and they focus on doing a lot of the same things and always pushing each other,” Kiyara said. Of course, when school is in session and sports, programs are a bit mixed, but the long-established daily routine – the pillar of family ties – remains intact.

“I can hear their voices in my head, especially his,” said Brandon, shaking his head to Dad. “When we are separated, we hold each other accountable – and in this way we are all similar when we are together.”

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This press release was prepared by Fox Valley Park District. The views expressed herein are those of the author.