Bodybuilding Legend Flax Wheeler won a long battle with a serious CV-19 infection. The 56-year-old gave up Regular health updates On social media while battling the disease in a hospital in Orlando, Florida. Wheeler was recently discharged from the hospital. He detailed the entire room in an emotional video recorded in the hotel room.

With the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘the greatest bodybuilder you have ever seen,’ Flex Wheeler has led a remarkable bodybuilding career despite his many health issues and serious injuries. His ten-year professional bodybuilding career has won several major competitions, including Flex Wheeler Arnold Classic and Ironman Pro.

In a twelve-minute long video uploaded on it Instagram Tag, says Flax Wheeler. He was diagnosed with CV-19 infection 2021 Arnold Classic UK. But he did not experience the symptoms until he returned to his home in Las Vegas, Orlando, Florida. Mr. Olympia 2021 Wheeler said he got sick after boarding the flight and immediately realized there was something wrong with his body.

“My body began to ache and cramps and I remember, just like, when I reached Latie, my traps and arms were tight. God, you know. Says Flax Wheeler.

Next, Flex Wheeler added that over the next two days, his health deteriorated and he spent most of his time in bed trying to cope with the pain.

“I was screaming in my sleep because I had a very severe physical pain.” Says Flax Wheeler.

Willler’s feelings were better, since the legend of bodybuilding could not explain his struggles. Meanwhile, Wheeler called 911, who was waiting for him, worried about his illness.

Flex Wheeler is set to work with the production team at the 2021 Mr. Olympia event.

Since his retirement, Flex Wheeler has attended every Olympics event except 2017, where he will be banned from participating in Mr. Olympia Classic Physics. However, 2021 was different. Wheeler is set to work with the production team at the event. However, the rapidly deteriorating situation prompted a bodybuilding legend to decide, and he called 911 to take it.

“I’m very happy to be on the production side of Olympia.”

“You know, if you are worried or embarrassed about your pride, you will die in this hotel bed. So I called 911. Says Flax Wheeler.

Flex Weller refused to draw attention to himself, so he went to the emergency services on his own and refused help. Emergency officials transported Willler to a local hospital in Orlando, Florida. Doctors said he had contracted the CVD-19 infection and had been treated at the same hospital in recent weeks.

“It got worse every day. My lungs are getting worse. ”

Doctors had to risk Wheeler’s kidneys to prevent lung failure

Flax Wheeler suffers from hereditary kidney disease, focal glomerulosclerosis. In the year he retired in 2003, he underwent a kidney transplant. The 56-year-old is still on medication to control the disease. However, The doctors told Wheeler that if his lung damage continued, he would have to put it in an air vent. So, they had to put Willer on the kidney medicine.

They told me that I had to risk my kidneys because my immune system did not come online and every time I got an X-ray or cat scan, my lungs got worse and worse. Says Flax Wheeler.

The decision was made by Wheeler, who recovered quickly, eliminating the risk of death from pneumonia. However, the 56-year-old may have suffered irreversible damage to his kidneys over time.

“Maybe last Friday I woke up in bed and began to breathe deeply and said, ‘My God!’ I thought so. You know, because I haven’t been able to breathe before. My lungs were really swollen and I could not breathe in my chest. And I took a deep breath and said ‘Wow!’ I was saying, ”said Flax Wheeler.

“Probably shortened my life.” Flex Wheeler said the tears flowed from his eyes.

Flex Wheeler thanked the medical staff and people around the world for helping him navigate the ship

Flex Wheeler has struggled with various health problems and surgeries over the past two decades. However, the careful treatment of covad-19 infection seems to have a lasting effect on the soul. In his video message, relief and gratitude were evident in his voice and demeanor. At the end of the video, the spirit thanked the hospital staff and supporters around the world for helping the fighter pass by.

“I am just grateful to the doctors, to all the nurses, to the wonderful messages I have received from all the online media, and to the feelings of love, respect, and gratitude. It did not fall on deaf ears. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. ”

Fitness Vault wishes Flex Wheeler a speedy recovery and a long and healthy life.