Brothers Dan and Josh Foster will open the new Jim Flex Fitness Freeport in November.  The trademark is named after Dan Dog Flex, and the image serves as a trademark.

FREEPORT – Focused on the new back wall Flex Fitness Report A blue and yellow image of a dog’s face is twisted between a man’s eyes.

The dog’s name is Flex.

He is co-owner of Dan Foster, a friendly 90-pound American StaffordShire Terrier – the foundation of the logo and the official window of the gym – but encouraging for the gym.

Flex Fitness Reporter, Brother and Sister His Crest View CorrespondingHe is committed to helping the fitness community in the Freeport with another gym option, such as bullying.

You may like itThe FWB man was sentenced to six years in prison. He now has a fitness brand and coaches celebrities.

Flex Fitness cooperates with. Saving in Northwest Florida with soul rescue, Adoption-based adoption group that supports the adoption of bullying species and facilitates adoption arrangements.

“We sponsor some dogs, (so) if someone accepts that dog, we give them a free six-month gym membership,” Dan said. We hear many scary stories about the species itself. If you go to the shelters, (most of them) are a bunch of bullies. I have seen barking dogs come in. We take them home, and they are happy just because they are with their family. That motivated me to do more and more. “