In September, a temporary man charged with killing a bodybuilder and nutritionist and injuring a customer in a shootout in the Calispell Business parking lot committed a premeditated murder and other attempted murder.

Jonathan Douglas Shaw, 35, filed the lawsuit on October 28 in Flatid County District Court Judge Dan Wilson.

According to payment documents, Calispel police officers were dispatched to the Fuel Fitness parking lot on September 16, 1305 US Highway 2. Gymnasium manager Matthew Harley was found lying in a parking lot with blood on his body and gunshot wounds to his body and face. Another, Shaw, was later found lying on the ground by police. According to reports, officers saw a gun on the ground in front of him as he knelt down.

Law enforcement spoke with Matthew Anderhil, the assistant manager of Fuel Fitness, and he and Harley approached the show in the parking lot when they learned he was sleeping without permission. Hurly told Shaw that he was withdrawing part of Shaw’s gym membership, and Shaw replied, “OK, you’re going to die.”

Investigators also spoke to William Cake, an oil fitness customer, who said he had walked out of the facility and heard “fireworks” appear, and then found Underhill running towards him. Anderhil Harley told Cake that he had been shot, and Cake pulled the gun out of the vehicle. He then noticed Shaw getting out of the truck and ordered the man to get out. The cake show opened the truck door and told the officers, “Two rounds have come to me.” Cake returned fire, hit Shawn, and then he was shot in the leg and realized he needed treatment.

Defendant was also injured in the shooting and entered Logan Health following the incident.

Shaw is in a wheelchair, arraigned, and is currently being held at the Flatten County Detention Center.

A group of Harley’s friends and family went to court to support the victim.

The show is expected to go on trial in April 2022. He could face up to 100 years in prison or a death sentence if convicted.