TrainNTrack wants to help users improve their experience by keeping track of ankle weights during sessions.

The list of modern wearables focused on fitness will be extended with the new TrainNTrack ankle weights. Fitness monitors and smart watches are very popular. Wearables For those who want to follow their practice. However, other products such as smart running shoes are available on the market to monitor fitness or improve training Or something like a tracking vest.

Ankle weight is known to help with exercises that target the muscles in the waist and legs. Additional weight gain allows for stronger muscles in these areas as there is more work to do to lift the legs and move the thighs. Sportneer wants to help users keep track of their ankle weights and improve their workouts.

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At a recommended retail price of $ 99, According to the press release, TrainNTrack Ankle Weights is smart with the addition of a 6-axis gyroscope and heart rate chip. The first measures rotation and velocity during exercise in addition to activities. With Heart rate control, The weight of the ankle can not only relieve fatigue but also alert users to vibration so that they can take a break if their heart rate drops to normal. Recorded data can be viewed in the accompanying app for both. iOS And Android Tools. People who want to focus on their hands can lift the weight of their ankles like a sportsman Shows on the Kickstarter page The weights can be worn on the wrists.

Free app with free trainer

Are fitness gadgets bad for you?  Research clues on negative outcomes

Sportneer is offering more than ankle weight. The free escort app contains not only recorded parameters but also 8 training courses and 71 different exercises. Arrived without registration And with new promises added every month. The app has a scoring system for each exercise, and the user’s accuracy determines the result. The weights of the ankles come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are designed to be user-friendly because they have a soft metal sandbox that allows them to hold their weights. Sportneer also says that Velcro and hook-and-loop fasteners should keep TrainNTrack Ankle Weights in place at your ankles and wrists.

While TrainNTrack ankle weights offer many features, they will not be shipped until January 2022 if they do not achieve their next fundraising goal next month. Still, there are many wise men. Wearables To choose, here are some A little to fit on the finger.

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Source: PR Newswire, Kickstarter

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