Two years after vacant three floors in Cherry Creek, Vera Vida is launching a local fitness program.

CLMBR, which sells an 8-foot-tall climbing machine, has signed a lease agreement for two of the three floors this summer at the once high-profile health club Pura Vida at 2955 E. 1st Ave. It was used in Cherry Creek.

Exercise kicks off in February from the ANB Bank building at 3033 E. 1st Ave. From the 8,000-square-foot office in Cherry Creek and next door to the second and third floors, as well as the basement, it plans to move 20,000 square feet. . Both buildings are shared by the same landlord.

The Vera Vida, which has been operating around 30,000 square feet since 2008, was closed in early 2019.

“We simply need a lot more space,” said Avrem Elmakis, founder and CEO of CLMBR. “We hired very few new people. We now have over 60 full-time employees and will continue to be employed. Unfortunately, the ANB building is impressive, but it does not have the space to accommodate all these people.

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Avrum Elmakis, right and his CLMBR exercise machine.