Of Samsung Health App is a great resource for fitness materials, with information on exercise and videos. However, new reports indicate that the company may be downloading some of its health-related content to the app.

according to Samobile (Through), Samsung has removed the fitness component from the Samsung Health app. This means that content creators such as 300FIT, BlessLife, BodyBuilding.com, Echelon, Keep and Skimble are now gone. The company has reportedly removed the fitness unit only for users in South Korea. But other regions may follow soon.

To find out more about the removal, a user approached the Samsung Members Forum. One moderator confirmed the progress but could not explain why. The moderator then advised users to follow the Creator’s dedicated YouTube channels to stay up-to-date on their content.

Samsung has previously removed its weight tracking feature from the health app.

SamMobile Fitness Unit says it will currently appear in Samsung Health version, so this may be a step-by-step removal. This is not the first time the company has made some changes to the health app. last year, Samsung has removed the diet, caffeine and weight loss features from the app.

In any case, the move is confusing, especially since Samsung did not say why. This could be a measure of the decline in core Samsung health features or perhaps a measure of cutting the app to some degree. We expect a good explanation from a Korean manufacturer.

Removing some features from Samsung Health could hurt the company’s Galaxy 4 users. Some users think this is done to hide the smartwatch error, although this claim is currently useless.

Samsung Health has come a long way since its inception ten years ago. Earlier this year, app upgrades allowed users to compete with their peers in various fitness tests. It is worth noting that the Samsung Health app is also available on some manufacturer’s smart TVs.