By Jennifer Tamar, Livingston Daily Press and Argus (Howell)

HAWEL, Mitch (AP) – Tyler Coronich grew up in Howell and opened the first TRVFIT fitness gym in 2013 in the early 20s.

The company now has 16 spaces, including 15 inches Michigan And one in Johnson City Tennessee.

Coronich, 32, will continue to expand in the coming years, according to the Livingston Daily Press and Argges.

A few weeks ago, a 9,000-square-foot gymnasium in the city of Genoa was reclaimed from Franciscan. He said he is making some improvements to the site, adding fitness programs and getting new exercise and boxing equipment.

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Jim offers four exercises. They offer group classes, semi-personal training and nutrition.

After living in Detroit for many years, he said he had recently returned to Howell and wanted to return to the Livingston County community, which had supported his dream since its inception.

“My inspiration is the community that we started and helped with the 1,000-square-foot gym in Howell. It’s something that pays off.”

Jim mobilizes members and supports people recovering from addiction. He also plans to return nonprofits, junior sports leagues and other organizations.

Koronich says he was involved in martial arts and other martial arts when he was young.

He started as a personal trainer and worked for big boxing clubs before starting TRVFIT.

Within a few months, they had grown up in the first gym and moved to a 3,000-square-foot venue in Howell.

They then moved on to the 9,000-square-foot[9,000 sq m]town of Genoa.

Additional TRVFIT Fitness Areas opened shortly after the company was founded. The second is in South Lyon.

There are several TRVFIT locations in Livingston County, including the town of Coronich Genoa and other franchise locations in Hartland, Pinkney and Fowlerville.

“I was the first four or five partners,” says Coronich, “and then we started dating.”

It currently owns three locations with partners. It also has gyms in Berkeley and Plymouth. The rest are franchises.

He said 2019 is the biggest year of expansion with eight new locations.

“There are five new pending positions next year and we have 15 more low goals.

Early next year, he said, he would actively market to franchises in Michigan and other states.

At the top, there were 20 places that worked at the same time. Some have closed or re-branded.

During the closure of Covide-19, Jim offered online programs on demand. Those items are still available for purchase as a package.

“We have space improvements and new equipment,” Koronich told Genoa City Expansion Plans.

Two spaces on the ground floor, exercise equipment and space for group classes and training.

One of the two underground places is Yoga, Bare, and Pilate. Coronich calls it the “mind-body” part.

The basement also has boxing facilities. Koronich plans to darken the room and turn on the brightly colored lights.

“I understand that dark people are more comfortable when they learn to play boxing and sometimes worry about what they look like.”

He also said that the boxing equipment will be repaired.

“Customized bags come. We are working on wallpaper. This section will be completely refurbished.

Although fitness training is very popular, he said he hopes to increase the boxing side of the gym.

“Practical training is popular, but I want boxing to be big.”

Jim also plans to open a store on the floor that sells its own line of accessories, boxing gloves and other retail items.

Looking ahead, Coronich predicts that the company will continue to grow and expand.

If we open more headquarters (corporate-owned spaces) or franchises, it’s about expanding the right path. We have many plans to expand or relocate.

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