The first part of a new show on Apple TV Physical, Starring Rose Byr, it’s clear how fashion and fitness have come together since the 1980s. Fast forward to today, wearing an athletic style and wearing some corporate workwear. Katie Warner Johnson, the founder of Carbon 38, was the best person to use this new trend to blur the line between street and gym clothes. Combining her Harvard Degree and Fitness Trainer, the CEO launched a luxury luxury multi-brand retailer to promote other female-led brands along the way.

Warner Johnson retired after graduating with a degree in art history and architecture Deutsche Bank To further her interest, ballet dance. That dream has stalled due to a number of injuries, but instead of falling into finances; She became the aspiring fitness coach in Los Angeles. “I was a fitness instructor and lived in spandex,” said Warner Johnson.

“Cool, I know future and upcoming brands, most of which are run by women. These brands wanted to keep track of the top players in the active clothing space, but instead of doing that, my idea was to put them together. 2.0 The invitation to the Startup Conference helped reinforce the idea.

The name is derived from the CEO’s love of temporary charts, and in 2014 the brand was launched by five brands. “Carbon is one of the most abundant nutrients in our body, and I feel compelled to start a business,” she says. To date, they have worked with more than 260 brands, 75% of which are female-led. “It’s important to me To support female leaders – Carbon 38 is because of them, ”said Warner Johnson.

The site includes Adidas Stella McCartney, LoveShackFancy, Balmain, Reebok X Victoria Beckham and Sweaty Betty among others. The look introduces a style that combines active DNA with fashion-ready images, a powerful look for modern women.

Based on her college experience, the fitness professional called her financial skills, raised the company from $ 0 to $ 50M, raised successful fundraisers, and hired the right industry leaders to support her vision.

The fitness universe was a community long before social media and the internet was screaming with them. It proved to be the first commercial vehicle of the retailer, and Warner Johnson served as the brand’s first brand ambassador. “I served as the first ambassador, wearing the new Carbon 38 style until my morning fitness class. When we got home from the studio, we reached our daily sales goal.” She honors 38 founding and successful ambassadors for Carbon.

According to a network of thousands of fitness instructors in 23 countries, they serve as ‘brand evangelists’. “Today’s consumers can see false support at a glance. When there is a real connection between a brand and a partner, consumers feel it, trust it and buy it. Developing the right ambassador network is our mission at Carbon 38.”

The brand has recently launched a ‘Our Core’ campaign that highlights the role of women ambassadors and their social contributions. “These women are the pillars of their community and the foundation of our company,” she says.

As with any startup, Carbon38 was not without a learning curve, especially for community-based success. “I didn’t take a risk by knowing what I knew now or I didn’t support our path to some very crazy and big wins,” she says. “That said, in the last year alone, Carbon 38 has experienced some highs and lows. My biggest lesson is ‘You never have to control it,’ it’s a shocking and free awareness,” she said.

As a sign of fitness with some of the teacher ambassadors, they were ready to talk to their community at the beginning of the epidemic and provide lessons that would help maintain a normal life. “At the beginning of the lock” Indoor Work (Outside) “- We showed our teachers on our Instagram 3 times a day fitness lessons from our Ambassador community.

The forum brings together customers, brands, vendors, investors, teams and ambassadors through difficult times. “We still offer live weekend lessons on Instagram. The opportunities to connect with our larger community are more than a foothold.”

For those looking for an IRL Carbon38 experience on the east and west coasts, the brand currently has two physical locations, Palisade Park and Bridgehampton. Current investments are focused on carrying more than 70 percent. Female-led brands But for some actors, investors and incubator do not have capital and are prone to success in size. He has created a unique tennis center between Venus Williams and Eleven, and collaboration is the key to his brand.

A.D. In 2015, they added their own brand of fitness line, which is unique to Carbon 38. They use two layers of recycled water, Cloud and diamond compressor, to maintain durability. In addition, 100% branded poly bags are made from recycled plastics.

The road to sustainability is a journey that is different from establishing a brand. Small actions and actions grow into big ideas and results. Warner Johnson is grateful for the opportunity, even though he was created by himself and found wisdom along the way.

“Building something empty on my kitchen table for the past 20 months is a gift to prepare the business for a new era and success for the next decade,” she said. I have a plan.