Weight lifts have been spotted in Chipotel and supply shortages, he told Insider. Chipotol has a good reputation among explorers for eating after exercise. Joe Raedle / Getty Images

  • Weighters, sometimes referred to as Jim Bros., told insiders that they were experiencing a shortage of supplies.

  • Fitness enthusiasts say that Chipotle pure ingredients and customized bowls help build muscle.

  • Chipot told Ensider that the components were not removed due to a supply chain disruption.

Supply Chain Issues Fans Weight Loss fans, commonly known as “Jim Bros”, may find an enemy who does not seem to be bothering chains such as chipset.

Chipotol has built a reputation for weightlifting after exercise. For example, athlete Davin Cunningham became infected with the virus in 2016 after eating chipotle for a year. It helped him to agree..

But now because of a supply chain problem – a signal Stabilization associated with covide-19 And increase in Online shopping – They have many restaurant chains Reduced working hours And there is a shortage of supply.

Customers reported being Chipotle locations Frequent missing elements And doling out “Little Burritos”

Chipotol food prices rose 30.3 percent due to a disruption in supply chain on October 21. The company told Insider that the units were not small due to supply chain issues, but sometimes areas had to be “grounded for a few hours.”

Fitness trainer and personal trainer Patrick Wilson He is one of the Chipotle customers. Wilson told an insider that he had recently noticed a shortage in fajitas and salads.

Wilson, who has been active in the fitness community for three-and-a-half years and has been coaching for more than a decade, said he will receive a chip in high school after every workout. He said that because chipotle allows customization, fitness enthusiasts can make a bowl to lose fat or burn calories.

“With chipotle, you can make it like a fun meal, like burdo with sour cream and cheese and it will be high in calories, but it tastes great,” Wilson said.

Tiktok comedian Justin Lupo Enjoy a brainstorming session with Chipotle on Jim Brow in a video that received 9.7 million views and 1.7 million likes.

“I’ll have a double chicken for the meat, you know what I mean, for profit,” Lupo said in a comedy design, about building muscle.

Fitness and medical experts said. Internal Adult Rachel Jose Diet is the key to building muscle. In general, experts say that wearing muscle requires eating in A. Caloric gain And find the right size Protein For the individual body.

The ingredients in Chipotle products help fitness seekers achieve both goals. Protein-rich foods such as beans, tofu and meat are all staple foods in a chipotle dish. In addition, the company’s diet calculator on it website It breaks down all the nutrients used in terms of calories and fats.

Stefan DesrochesHe, who has been undergoing weight training since 2016, said he first went to Chipotle twice a week when he was serious about lifting, and said he had friends who lift weights up to five times a week.

Viney Reddy, another weight lifting enthusiast, Chipotel had a good reputation with his high school friends for his key post-workout diet.

Both Deserts and Reddy say they have noticed that key areas such as lettuce, meat and rice are depleted. Descorce said he noticed that nearby areas in Long Island were offering smaller rooms and that some areas would be closed for more than an hour.

“I definitely think so [Chipotle] It’s the biggest industry in terms of food for many gym-goers after a workout, ”said Descartes. “It doesn’t have too many extras, it may be a little oil in the chicken, but nothing is useless. This can actually lead to weight gain.

Although weightlifters say chipotle supply chain disruptions can cause some disruption, other fast food restaurants, such as Pita Way, Cabo Fresh and Green Cactus, can offer protein-rich foods.

Even the choice of grilled chicken sandwiches and salads at fast food restaurants can help beginners pinch their food cravings, Wilson said.

Wilson said, “There are always options for getting relatively fast, comfortable, low-calorie, high-protein.”

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