Born and raised in Miami Francesca Martinez After graduating from college, she found herself working at an unsatisfactory desk job in a law firm. So she decided to take a closer look at her needs, hoping that someone would lead her to her dream job.

She began to focus more on fitness, moving from interest to career path. Now, six years later, Martinez is a certified private trainer at the National Sports Medicine Academy and has established her own platform in the fitness field – with more than 290,000 Instagram followers. She attracts Cuban-Colombian culture to create an environment that allows her clients from all backgrounds to develop their love of movement. As a pain-free performance professional, Martinez focuses on helping her clients grow. Mobility Safely learn to enjoy the process.

Her motto should be fun exercise. Martinez encourages her clients to do the same with her dog Yoshi, from walking to rollerblading. In this way, the exercises become one thing They want Doing – can change them Sticky habits.

Although Martinez established a strong position in the empire, it was not easy to become Latina in the world of fitness. Martinez had to face many challenges, including a lack of understanding of her family’s work, the pressure to be successful, and the stress of being a woman.

“I think, knowing that I can always prepare my own way,” Martinez tells himself. “Someone’s voice tells me that you can always be successful as long as you are in love.” She says that this gives her strength to keep going when things go wrong or she feels discouraged.

To end the month of Hispanic Heritage, SELF sat down with Martinez to see how she is working through these barriers and her goal of making it more accessible to people with disabilities.

Do you always want to go to the gym or do you want to do something else?

Francesca Martinez dies- I wanted to be a more scientist. I was always close to science, and I was attached to what I wanted to do, but for a long time I wanted to be a paleontologist and then an archaeologist. And as I grew up, I wanted to be a medical examiner. Once I began to envision what it looked like, I thought it would be better to examine my interests outside of corpses and excavations. Because I was afraid of bugs, so when I thought about it, that was not very possible.

At what point did you start thinking about what you can do about fitness?

So I was interested in attending physical education classes at school just because I wanted to learn more and take more equipment to take care of my health, but I never thought this would be a viable option. After graduating from college and working for a while in a law firm, I was not considered. I had an office job for about a year, and since I was not very happy, I had to find a soul, and I had to find out what was right for me. One year after college, I decided to pursue a career in sports.