These will help you improve your fitness game (Picture

This week’s fitness list is mixed. Safety And exercise to help you feel more balanced.

If you are feeling anxious, we have found sedatives, scented candles, and a mental health app to help you.

In the meantime, you can improve your health by using a balanced breakfast cereal or exercise program for expectant mothers.

There is also a wide range of exercise gear and yoga mats with eco consciousness.

Tire plan

Increase your physical activity

The launch of the Holly Grant The Bump Plan means that prenatal and postnatal women can now exercise safely.

The plan can start at any stage of your pregnancy and is a fitness and safety guide, from exercise and dystasis and prolapse management to breastfeeding.

Seven-day free trial; After that በወ 35 per month

Wuufly yoga mats

The carpet is amazing

The details in Wuufly Yoga Matt are amazing and we would like to support this ocean Dream Carpet Marine Shepherd UK – the design aims to create an understanding of the importance of protecting our oceans and habitats.

Carpets are non-slip, anti-bacterial and anti-mold proof.

£ 40 (10% of each sale is given to Sea Shepherd UK) from Wufly

Paria Malia

Cycle in style (picture yellow images)

If the weather doesn’t stop you from your normal cycle, why not get yourself a piece of paria.

Combining bold, artistic designs with fashion and street style, the brand is famous for its off-the-wall jersey design.

Available in Paris for £ 50.

Bio and May Granola region

Gran designs

Each of the five granolas in the Bio and May range contains 15 different herbal foods. They are not only good for your gut but also rich in fiber and no added sugar.

Buy them each for £ 3.99 from Bio & Me.

Naturally run

All inclusive

Ran By Nature creates environmentally friendly non-perishable items from recycled fabrics; Everything is made up of disposable product bags, seed sheets and recycled zippers.

The brand is campaigning for diversity and offers sizes from XXS to 4XL, Hijab and Durags.

Buy the collection for £ 15 at Ran By Nature

Cesca vegan soy candles

The smell of heaven

Create your own safe space with one of the 100% vegan soy candles from Cesca.

The hand that flows through Suri Hills is made of essential oils for everyone. Whether watermelon or free spirit, there is a scent for you.

Buy it from Sesca for 25 25 each.

FaceGym active explosion

Quick tap

Most collagen supplements and compounds come from livestock or marine sources. FaceGym’s Active Blast is a vegan collagen skin care product made from yeast.

Available in a seven-day enrichment package or 28-day boot camp, add it to your serum and let the plunge begin.

Buy a seven-day enrichment package at £ 45 (seven x 0.015ml) from Net Porter



Sometimes you just need to discuss, which is where the mental health app Zel comes into play.

Along with daily mindfulness exercises and articles and positive advice on safety, mental health and lifestyle, the app provides free chat services with certified volunteers, including counselors and therapists.

Download Zeal

Therapeutic crystals with a clear odor

Hold a clear head

If you need some help to calm your mind, Therapeutic Crystals work with salty scents when your brain is overloaded.

Pieces of Himalayan rose salt are mixed with oil, including lemon myrtle (to reduce blood pressure), Chang (to restore peace of mind) and incense (to cleanse and purify the senses). Breathe in to get the benefits.

Buy it from Cult Beauty for £ 32.

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